The birthday of Andy Lau for his wife and daughter exposure Carol Zhu soulful singing eyes glistenin

The birthday of Andy Lau for his wife and daughter exposure Carol Zhu soulful singing with tears in her eyes – Andy Lau Carol Zhu couple   entertainment Sohu;     Sohu entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, earlier media broke the news that the 55 year old Andy Lau suspected again when Dad, he attended the new boot ceremony to deny. Andy Lau said: "no, it’s clear to me." A reporter asked whether her daughter was interrupted because of pain, so the second child of the lady refused to publish the news? Andy Lau said: "no, we are all very much to my face, I can be very comfortable at home." September 27th is Andy Lau’s birthday, he said he received a lot of "sing K artifact". Daughter Liu Xianghui did not send a gift, Andy Lau said: No, she last year, the whole mud, she may be too busy. (not happy?) Can’t, (send a birthday card?) No, but there’s a birthday song. According to Hongkong media reports, Andy Lau in the evening birthday party, specially selected to sing "the moon represents my heart", also went down during the period of his wife and daughter in front of them, to hug and soulful singing, her daughter, Carol Zhu moved with tears in her eyes, Andy Lau is also a yankuangshirun, loving couple shows between the lines. [news] king Andy Lau traced again when Dad? According to Taiwan media reports, Hongkong’s 55 year old king Andy Lau (Andy Lau) Carol Zhu in 2008 with the low-key married, the couple gave birth to 4 years ago, the eldest daughter Liu Xianghui (Hanna), in recent years many two people intend to fight a son. In April this year, Carol Zhu came with the pregnancy success, and still a boy, was Andy Lau with "no" block gun, did not think 27 days Hongkong media came Carol Zhu in August this year to the field of secret son, Andy Lau suspected when Dad again. In April this year, Carol Zhu was photographed wearing loose, flat shoes shopping, the outside world will fight Andy Lau two rumors of success, Andy Lau later in the official website wrote: "choose to use words in this description, concise and clear, yet!" Deny the matter. Hongkong had previously been photographed weekly broke the stomach Tutu Carol Zhu last month to the field of low birth, recently Andy Lau birthday, Carol Zhu will sit the confinement and hurried back to Hongkong for her husband’s birthday. Weekly broke the news today, the 55 birthday of Andy Lau, this month in advance with the "Andy Lau world" fans in KiTEC birthday, Liu Ba, Liu mom, happy Hanna appeared, Carol Zhu look tired, black stood wearing a loose shirt. Intimate Andy Lau let his wife rest this time, only to hold her daughter on the road, did not specifically called Carol Zhu. It is reported that Andy Lau could not bear to previous daughter exposure, the paparazzi pursued, this time to meet the two low-key son, did not report to the outside world, but this rumor, Andy Lau has not yet responded.   相关的主题文章: