The bus was hit by injured drivers would loose steering wheel

The bus was hit by injured drivers would loose steering original title: bus driver: do not give the right rear wheel loose bus was "ripped" a hole for map users the bus driver Yang Shichun left injured new culture reporter Xing Yang photo tipcart damaged the front figure for users of new culture news (reporter Xing Yang) 9 days earlier 7, Yang Shichun’s 50 year old driver short haul passenger traffic as usual to leave the house to start from the letter to home village Shuangyang District, and soon more than 20 villagers from the village along the way on the car. A few minutes later, when the car driving to the nearby dayingzi village a crossing, a dump truck rear transverse impact, two passengers were thrown out of the bus, she died, the remaining 23 people were injured. The accident caused 23 people were injured in this message is the first netizen released on micro-blog, caused a lot of people’s attention, we hope the driver to slow down a bit, not to a similar tragedy. There are friends that have family in the car, is back from Beijing. Users can be seen from the pictures released, the front of the truck damaged, but not serious, the rear right side of the bus body was ripped a hole, the right side of the glass is broken off. 9 morning, the reporters came to the new culture Changchun passenger transportation center station, a driver said: "we ask, is the bus below" township line ", the scene is not on a highway in Changqing, heard that someone died after being left out of the bus." New culture reporter noted that after the passengers on the bus, the driver and the station will remind everyone to fasten the seat belt. "If the passenger on the car is able to fasten the seat belt, there may not be a tragedy. In accordance with the requirements of the company, we have to remind the passengers to wear a seat belt." A driver said. 9 afternoon, reporters rushed to the new culture of Shuangyang District Hospital, the hospital Daozhen nurse said, indeed more injured in a car accident was sent to the hospital rescue. There are about more than and 20 people, basically in the surgical hospital, there are more than two seriously injured passengers were transferred to the China Japan Union Hospital treatment." The nurse said, "there were two passengers who died of their injuries." It is understood that after the accident, the leadership of Shuangyang District rushed to the hospital to understand the situation, to direct the rescue work, the hospital also opened Easy Access to rescue the injured. The day a total of 23 injured were sent to the hospital for treatment, mainly in the surgical treatment area and three treatment area, of which two were transferred for treatment. At present, the dump truck driver has been controlled by the police. The car was a bit around the arch, began a surgical treatment area, the 68 year old Mr. Tian has been clutching his chest, his CT has not come out, the doctor suspected him of rib fracture. When the accident happened, he sat in the first row of seats, the driver of the rear. "When I heard ‘Bang’ sound, the car was a bit and then turn the arch, lap or two I do not feel it, then all the car turning in the vehicle roll up." Tian said. Later, the driver was covered with blood underground car, call the police for help. Mr. Tian said, the family farm is busy, he is going to buy some medicine by the way of Shuangyang, charge calls, ready to go home at noon. "Who would have thought that a door would meet him?相关的主题文章: