The children’s picture book focus game and children play together out of focus – reading Sohu w-inds.

"The children’s picture book" focus game and children play together out of focus – Sohu study Abstract: This is a very small European friends and parents welcome books, so get the ibby Poland area of recognition, and strongly recommend Poland Embassy Cultural office. This set of books includes "stationery big Carnival", "animal discovery". The book designed for children aged 3~7 years, the "Story + game" in the form of a variety of roles in the book is full of imagination, humorous stories, as well as a test of child observation ability and logical thinking ability of the operation of the game, can lead children into a free space exploration.       August 26, 2016, to cultivate children’s attention to the book "children’s attention" game picture book launching ceremony was held during the 2016 Beijing International Book fair. Chinese agriculture press editor Mr. Yuan Huimin, Poland Embassy Cultural Office of the director of miss Cai Mengling, Poland press, "my bookshop" for Mr. Sandk, children’s literature writers Ms. Zhang Linger and other guests attended the conference and delivered a speech. The meeting, China editor of Agriculture Press Yuan Huimin and Poland Embassy Cultural Office of the director of Cai Mengling’s book publishing and cultural exchange made the exchange offer wave. Then the opening four guests for the book, a book neatly packaged book show in front of everyone.   guests unveiled a new book "stationery" Carnival is one of the leading children inquiry and cognitive stationery books in the book, color pencil, ball pen, ruler, rubber stick, and other stationery are like a naughty child, while the owner was not at home, secretly ran the stationery box, the best play, slapstick. They have fun, very fun, but it will be home to stir the day in a mess…… The language in this book is vivid and humorous, lively and interesting. The most important thing is that the screen contains a large number of interesting interactive games, such as looking for the corresponding, maze, find a different, so that children immersed in them, to cultivate children’s attention and a variety of thinking ability.   "animal" is a big discovery specifically designed to test the children mental and eye book. According to the common characteristics of small animals in daily life, the author has compiled a series of fascinating puzzles for children. In the book of humorous and poetic language and vivid pictures can help the children to carefully observe the cognition, and quickly and accurately guess and understand these common animal friends. The exquisite design of the operation (such as the contents of the book go through a maze and find graffiti, etc.), fine screen test the children observation ability and logical thinking ability will make readers unconsciously immersed, and take the initiative to think and find.   in the face of the new book, Poland publishing house, "my bookstore," the person in charge of Mr. Sandk introduced the creation of books, publishing, sales in Poland and europe. The children’s literature author Ms. Zhang Linger introduced two new books to everybody, and talk about the picture book reading the book, guide the parents and children with reading picture books. Parents and children on the scene to listen to the guests;相关的主题文章: