The driver training market oversupply Department issued investment risk warning (video)

The driver training market oversupply Department issued investment risk warning Chongqing City Transportation Bureau issued a risk culture industry investment tips. Photo information to further maintain the order of our city motor vehicle driver training market, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry, today (14) days, the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Bureau released the investment risk of motor vehicle driver training industry in Chongqing city that. Chongqing City Transportation Bureau, as of now, the current driving the 375 car has a capacity of 23678 units, the coach, coach number 36789 people, the training venue 956, calculated according to each car monthly training 6 people, annual training capacity of 1704816 people, in 2014 the actual number of enrollment of 815 thousand people, the actual number of enrollment of 804 thousand people in 2015 the number of students, is expected in 2016 810 thousand. Among them, urban area (including Yuzhong, Shapingba, Yubei, Jiangbei, Jiulongpo, Banan, Nanan, Beibei, Dadukou, Liangjiang New District 10) a total of 170 driving coaches, 12723 cars, 18 thousand coaches, annual training capacity of 936056 people, in 2014 the actual enrollment number of 407 thousand people, the actual number of enrollment in 2015 for 398 thousand people, is expected to 2016 enrollment number 410 thousand. According to the analysis of the situation and driving the city in recent years the number of applicants, my driver training market has been showing a serious oversupply, serious excess capacity training, idle train car 12358, the driving operation is not optimistic, the loss was a common phenomenon. City Transportation Bureau said, according to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations of the state, in addition to the new office driving motor vehicle driver training institutions must comply with the "qualifications" requirements, there are strict requirements related to land. To do a minimum scale of driving training ground for example: according to the new international standard at least 8000 square meters, should have the office, teaching and admissions places, coach cars less than 20 vehicles, teaching facilities and equipment should include the driving simulator, and coaches and other staff, the overall investment of about 4 million. In addition, driving after running costs, venue staff wages, vehicle costs are not cheap. City Transportation Bureau said that at present, some potential investors without careful market research and analysis, estimation of driver training market is too optimistic. In view of the new driver training institutions do preparation requirements, training cycle is long, serious overcapacity and intense competition, the future market and more unstable factors, Chongqing Municipal Transportation Bureau released to the community culture industry investment risk warning, hope investors should carefully make market research, recharge potential risk assessment project, to prevent blind investment lead the loss and waste of resources. For further reading, has nothing to do with this article open industry can end the driver training market chaos相关的主题文章: