The father of quantum satellite Pan Jianwei 15 years after the use of quantum chip security brush-tamiflu

"Quantum satellite" father Pan Jianwei: Beijing 46 years old "Curve Wrecker" scientist Pan Jianwei after 15 years with a quantum chip anti-theft brush – recently once again concern, because China’s launch of the world’s first single quantum science experimental satellite "Mo-tse". It is expected that in the middle of November, the satellite will complete all of the in orbit testing work, began the international frontier Quantum Science experiment. Pan Jianwei is the chief scientist of the quantum satellite. In November 5th at the "2016 China Science Communication Forum", Pan Jianwei said, will use about 15 years to build one of the world with quantum communication security in the future Internet, namely quantum internet. He said, quantum hegemony is not far away. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Xiao Huanhuan Pan Jianwei is not tall, usually wearing a shirt, a pair of shoes. At 1:40 on August 16, 2016, China’s first quantum science test satellite launch success. After watching the entire launch, the 46 year old Pan Jianwei excited like a child, hugging the other team, tears are falling down. Quantum satellite China amazing world while the quantum satellite is only a small 640 kg of weight, but for this moment, Pan Jianwei and so on for 13 years. The news of China’s successful launch of a quantum satellite has also caused a stir in the world. Pan Jianwei’s teacher, the authority of the field of quantum communications, Professor of physics at University of Vienna,, also at the Jiuquan satellite launch center to watch the launch. Salinger believes that the launch of the quantum satellite will be a quantum communication to a new level. The famous "Schrodinger cat" is such a description of quantum mechanics: a cat in the box, in daily life, it is either in a living state, or in the state of death; but in the quantum world, the superposition of the cat is life and death of the two states at the same time. Pan Jianwei told reporters that the world we live in is composed of many basic elements. When the sun shines over when the light beam is composed of many small particles, the tiny particles called photons. The photon is the smallest unit of light, which has the property of being indivisible. There is a characteristic in the propagation of photons in the vacuum polarization. It will vibrate in both horizontal and vertical directions. The vibrational states of the two photons are represented by 0 and 1 respectively. According to the principle of quantum mechanics, the state of the photon is not known to be 0 or even if it has not been observed. If you try to look at it, it will interfere with it, the photon state will be destroyed, so the vibration can not be accurately reproduced. The absolute security of quantum communication is based on this principle. Pan Jianwei explained that the traditional communication encryption requires the use of a series of digital keys to ensure security, but in the process of transmission if it is eavesdropping, it may be deciphered. The quantum key has the characteristics that can not be cloned. Based on the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, if the key is encountered in the transmission process, both the sender and the receiver will know it, so as to give up the use of insecure key. In Europe and the United States, fiber based quantum key distribution networks have been widely used. Quantum communication prevents Snowden and hackers from talking about quantum.相关的主题文章: