The first anniversary of the implementation of the new advertisement law false advertising by heavy popkart

The first anniversary of the implementation of the new "advertisement law": false advertising by heavy penalties in September 1st this year when the new "advertisement law" the first anniversary of the implementation of. In September 1st last year, the new version of the "advertising law" on false advertising, celebrity endorsements, minors endorsements, Internet advertising and other provisions have been made. At the same time, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has also launched an advertising monitoring platform, covering all municipal and municipal levels above the media. Monitoring shows that since September 2015, the rate of illegal advertising than the new advertising law before the implementation of the decline of 84.29%." Recently, the State Administration for Industry and commerce advertising company director Zhang Guohua said that the implementation of the new law for a year, the national industry and commerce, market supervision departments investigate all kinds of illegal advertising cases about 24 thousand, fines of about 400 million yuan, a strong deterrent to false and illegal advertising behavior. "Brag" not paying taxes, but to a fine daughter for a recipe, can improve 100% whitening cosmetics, a certification authority of international institutions…… The public has accepted this kind of habitual "advertising language injection", there are many enterprises in order to marketing at the resort to deceit, especially on the Internet, leather everywhere, who is not responsible for. In this regard, the new "advertisement law" defines the following 5 kinds of false advertising case: (a) goods or services that do not exist; (two) the product performance, function, origin, purpose, quality, size, composition, price, manufacturer, sales, won honors and other information, or service the content, form, quality, price, suppliers, sales, won honors and other information, and other relevant goods or services promised information inconsistent with the actual situation, there is a substantial impact on the buying behavior; (three) the use of statistical fiction, forgery or unverifiable research, data, survey results abstracts, quotations and other information as proof materials; (four) the fictional use of goods or services received effect; (five) false or misleading content fraudulent or misleading consumers Other circumstances of the fee. According to the local industrial and commercial management departments as a basis to carry out large-scale false advertising remediation action. For example: Zhejiang Xiangshan Ni Shitang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. WeChat certified public number in the "old" Ni Ni Plaster "old team" and Taobao shop "Nishi Plaster" platform, "declared the old plaster by Ni Shitang Ni 100 years of heritage to modern secret process, Xiangshan has more than 30 years of the store history; mild 1 – 3 – 5 2 course of treatment, severe treatment can be cured"…… After investigation, the company opened the store only four or five years old, not at all. In addition, the old Ni plaster factory did not use the formula, that is simply not true recipe. Moreover, the so-called "old Ni" famous trademark has not been registered successfully. This is a fake, fake, fake birth secret brand-name products, sold at high prices in the micro business: the old Ni electrode patch, the purchase price of 29 yuan a box (10 stick box), store, derivative price up to 150 yuan a box. After the investigation of the Xiangshan Market Supervision Bureau believes that the company claims the treatment of disease, significantly beyond the approved scope of application of the product, are false advertising. Zhejiang industrial and Commercial Corporation on February 2016 ordered advertisers to stop publishing illegal advertising, in the corresponding range of public correction.相关的主题文章: