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The first grade math get a large parents come and see you? Recently, a group of parents in the school there is a help for information, a primary school parents posted a math problem: cats, chickens, pigs, rabbits, cattle in these five patterns, which is different? Ask you to come out. This is to investigate the students’ ability to summarize the image, or abstract thinking ability? It seems that the answer is not fixed. But the standard answer is the cat, because it is not the twelve zodiac… This problem also triggered hot friends: O @LXY_ O brother away: chicken feet, four foot @ tiger sniffing the rose of the other o3o: chicken, oviparous animal, the other is viviparous, so difficult? @LIULI is a big one: the cat, the cat can’t eat @ Bi Jia: it should be a pig, pig by looking forward, the other is look to the left of the 1 kind of de @ sky: the rabbit is two words, the other is a word! Phoebe Phoebe lovenan0: chicken, of course! Say what the twelve zodiac ah! Two legs! There’s no language for you, chicken belongs to the birds, and the rest are mammals The reason is? (Hangzhou integrated network)相关的主题文章: