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The hedge fund industry’s dark horse: SAC former employees of the first year the world’s second solo at Wen Zhang Jiawei before SAC Capital Asset Management Manager Gabe Plotkin set up his own hedge fund, the first year of the investment performance is to let him become a hedge fund industry’s big black horse. Bloomberg’s asset size of more than $1 billion, the hedge fund rankings show that Gabe Plotkin’s $1 billion 500 million long and short equity fund Melvin Capital, investment revenue last year reached an amazing 47%, dashed to the list of second. Last year’s huge shock in the global market caused huge losses to the hedge fund industry. Wall Street informative previously mentioned, according to Hedge Fund Research data, last year’s hedge fund average performance loss of 3.64%. Plotkin is only 37 years old, and formally established Melvin Capital in September 2014. Prior to this, from 2006 to April 2014, he served as manager of hedge fund chiefs Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital subsidiary Sigma Capital, managing assets of $1 billion 300 million, focusing on consumer product stocks. In November 2014, SAC Capital confessed to securities fraud and agreed to pay a record $1 billion 800 million fine for insider trading charges. SAC Capital also returned all the external investors’ funds, and then re emerged with the new brand of Point72 Asset Management Co, operated by family funds, managing the assets of Cohen and some employees of the company. Bloomberg said in a report in 2014 that Plotkin could get more than $200 million of Cohen investment. According to the Melvin Capital to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted to the fourth quarter of last year, as of December 31st, the largest long positions including McDonald’s, discount retailer Dollar Tree, Domino’s pizza, Royal Caribbean, Facebook, Visa and Amazon etc.. 50 stocks hedge funds are heavy: Despite the global market this year to year January earthquake, the average hedge fund losses of 2.76%, Melvin Capital still get good results. Peng Bo reported that Melvin Capital also gained 2.9% in January. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

对冲基金界的大黑马:SAC前员工第一年单飞 就冲上全球第二   文 张家伟   前SAC Capital资产管理经理Gabe Plotkin成立自己的对冲基金后,第一年的投资业绩即让他成为对冲基金界的大黑马。   彭博对资产规模超过10亿美元对冲基金的排名显示,Gabe Plotkin旗下规模为15亿美元的多空股票基金Melvin Capital,去年投资收益高达惊人的47%,一举冲上榜单的第二名。   而去年全球市场的巨震令整个对冲基金行业损失惨重。华尔街见闻此前提及,据Hedge Fund Research数据,去年全年对冲基金平均业绩表现为亏损3.64%。   Plotkin现年仅37岁,2014年9月正式成立了Melvin Capital。在这之前,2006年到2014年4月,他曾经担任对冲基金大佬Steve Cohen旗下SAC Capital子公司Sigma Capital的资管经理,管理的资产规模为13亿美元,专注于消费产品股票。   2014年11月,SAC Capital对证券欺诈罪行供认不讳,为了结内幕交易的指控,同意支付创纪录的18亿美元罚款。SAC Capital也归还了所有外部投资者的资金,并重新以Point72资产管理公司这一新品牌亮相,以家族式基金运作,管理着Cohen及公司部分员工的资产。   彭博在2014年的一篇报道中称,Plotkin可能获得Cohen逾2亿美元的投资。   据Melvin Capital向美国证券交易委员(SEC)提交的去年四季度数据,截至12月31日,其最大的多头仓位包括麦当劳、折扣零售商Dollar Tree、达美乐比萨、皇家加勒比国际游轮、Facebook、Visa以及Amazon等等。   对冲基金重仓的50只股票:   尽管今年全球市场以巨震开年,1月对冲基金平均亏损2.76%,Melvin Capital依然获得不错的业绩。彭博报道称,Melvin Capital在1月收益也达到2.9%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: