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The Jia Jinglong case behind: North Camp village party secretary had in the news Jia Jingyuan Sohu surnamed he family sitting in front of the 4 reporters to answer questions, word for word and sentence for sentence. In October 26th, she accepted at least 6 media interviews. In the face of repeated problems in different media reporters, once she is tired of cherishing such as gold color, but a pale face a little tired. In her view, with the media is an important channel to help his brother Jia Jinglong. Jia Jia Di high Ying Zhen Changan District Hebei Shijiazhuang city under the North Camp village. Because of dissatisfaction with the demolition compensation standard, with the marriage room decoration and demolitions after two years without representations of good response, in February 19, 2015 (at the beginning of the month is a desperate Jia Jinglong), using a nail gun, the north high camp old village of the implementation, the village Party Secretary He Jianhua shot at a new year’s party scene. Jia Jinglong was sentenced to death for murder. But with the October 18th Supreme People’s court approved the death penalty ruling, Jia Jinglong case caused widespread concern in public opinion. Many legal scholars and lawyers, called for "spare the life that Jia Jinglong has a" legal reason; and in October 21st 24, Jia Jingyuan has twice submitted the death penalty to the Supreme Court to stop the execution of the application, hope brother life. Because there is no arrangement, the last meeting of the family, Jia Jingyuan only brother is still alive. But she is still in anxiety and anxiety: public concern about the decline of life, brother Jia Jinglong would like his family, eventually unable to keep. The unrest in her heart was finally verified in November 15th. 7 in the morning, the Shijiazhuang intermediate people’s court sent a notice to the families of Jia Jinglong home to see the last side. More than 9 in the morning, Jia Jinglong case attorney Gan Yuanchun quoted authoritative sources said that the death penalty has been executed by Jia Jinglong. The face of the controversy, the supreme law in November 15th in an interview with Xinhua, explains the four reasons for Jia Jinglong "sin the death", including "premeditated revenge, subjective malignant deep", "gun crime, particularly cruel means, great harm to society", and "deliberately choose the Spring Festival the crime, the circumstances of the crime and particularly bad social impact". China of transition from the industrial to the city in the process, have many similar Jia Jinglong like nail. One is to strengthen the public awareness of the protection of private property, on the one hand is the demolition of the grass-roots governance are quick, demolition and anti demolition contradictions in the world’s largest Chinese making the city movement revealed, because the rural grass-roots governance issue is particularly complex. Jia Jinglong is located in the north of the high camp village, is a microcosm of China’s large-scale urbanization process. It focused on almost all the outstanding problems in current development of rural governance and China: bribery, corruption, illegal land expropriation and demolition. At the beginning of 2008, Hebei province has made great changes within three years, the urbanization policy, Shijiazhuang city began a large area of reconstruction of the village, two ring road in the demolition of a total area of 7 million 600 thousand square meters, the reconstruction of the village demolition of 3 million 340 thousand square meters. Adjacent to the north of Shijiazhuang near the north high camp village, the first to become the old village transformation and real estate development.相关的主题文章: