The new rail structure of the tram was successfully developed in Suzhou, the people’s Bank of China quickchm

A tram track structure model is successfully developed in Suzhou, Jiangsu windows — original title: structure trolley new track in the Soviet Union successfully developed recently, the high-tech zone is in the construction of the tram line 2, with a new track structure. This new technology by the Suzhou high tech Zone invention, is expected to promote the country. At present, China has more and more cities to build modern trams, and most of the use of steel wheel rail system. But the track structure used in the construction, is generally used in railway or subway standard form, including cast-in-place longitudinal track ballast ballast, two. The tram No. 1 line construction and operation experience, Suzhou new tram company fully draw lessons, on the track structure and supporting the fastening system was improved after a bold exploration, years of scientific research, and finally developed a more suitable for the new track trolley structure. In the design, the track structure is safe and reliable, durable, good practicality, advanced technology, simple construction, low construction costs and reduce maintenance and other characteristics. It is reported that the new track structure has been used in the tram line 2 test section. It is estimated that this kind of track structure will save more than 25% of the cost of the existing structure, greatly reducing the cost, Suzhou high tech tram company has applied for national patent. Moreover, the success of the development of matching fastener system, but also to break the monopoly of foreign manufacturers. In the tram No. 2 line construction, the independent research and development of "black technology" is really a lot of, Suzhou new tram company developed the vibration type fastener system "and" switch technology system "and" rail expansion regulator technology "and other projects have been successful, and apply for a patent to the state. Among them, the vibration damping fastener system in the 2 line of the application of the 10%, the turnout technology system has been applied to the group of 2, rail telescopic regulator technology is applied to the 100%. (source: City daily) (Wang Jun) (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: