The premise of creativity is to eat enough to drink yvette yates

The creativity of the premise is to satiate the senior said: creation and innovation really need a good environment, people hungry when really no creativity at all.   ^   ^ ^;; the first contact with the "energy-saving" this sentence is junior high school when I see TVB version of the journey to the west, inside Hongkong as the emperor Wayne Lai’s interpretation of the pig to highlight a wretched, satiate holding a round belly, a hand swinging just opened the belt come swaggeringly, walk in the way, while on the day with "energy-saving", while thinking about the moon sister slobber. Wayne Lai’s pig misled me 3 years, I have been to the school know that energy-saving sex does not mean lust, but refers to the "excessive" means. Chinese mainstream value of ancient concept is not a good evaluation of their desires, energy-saving is seen as undesirable thoughts, odd tricks have also been regarded as shit. In fact, in the modern, most of the ancient so-called odd tricks are some is overwhelmed with admiration for and creative inventions. But the odd tricks are some royal nobles, wealthy merchants invented the stuff, and the toiling masses are busy living, never mind make it. In 2013, Harvard University economist Sendhil Mullainathan and Princeton University psychologist Eldar Shafir to the low income people’s creativity to do a study, trying to explore whether low income financial difficulties reduced people logical thinking and problem solving ability. The study found that sugarcane farmers in India, after receiving an annual pay, on the same cognitive and creative tests performed better. When there are difficulties in life, people will concentrate all their energy to solve the difficulties. There is no denying that this situation may occasionally lead to innovation. However, not only is the study, many scholars have the brain research shows that if people’s minds constantly facing urgent problems, such as searching for food or shelter or pay a bill, you will not have enough ability to develop long-term solutions to improve their lives. Although this is very desperate, but in most cases, creation and innovation with the poor Never mind, want to rely on what genius idea is not absolutely out of poverty, the first step is always to put yourself on the middle, and then the cognitive level of creativity and will not be dragged down life. We have to say little, when hungry and sleepy intention to hit us, we also shouldn’t tangle with the matter at hand, because our brain has ceded some energy to remind us to eat and sleep, originally think impassability, hungry and sleepy even think impassability. Of course, if you want to do is the mechanization of the task, trapped hungry just reduced efficiency. When we resolve the basic physiological needs, we can "energy-saving", hey hey ~ mentioned creativity, Isaac? Asimov is a name can not be ignored. The science fiction world’s brilliant star has created nearly 500 works in his lifetime, including "base"相关的主题文章: