The return of Joe Chen bread tree woman premiere hanging open

The return of Joe Chen "bread tree woman" premiere hanging open Sina entertainment news September 8th, drama "bread tree woman" repeated in Shanghai, the scene applause and praise the bursting of All seats are occupied.. Who plays the heroine "Cheng Yun" Joe Chen [micro-blog] won his excellent performance won the fourth Danny Award for best actress, this year, Joe Chen took to the stage of the fear and the precipitation of life again "bread tree", she said: "the process also met again with a little rhyme, and very nervous look forward to." All flying paper plane will the audience back to the youth, first love blood time. In the curtain after Joe Chen holding a paper airplane to the audience to send a surprise for everyone. More Jon friend Tse Kwan Ho [micro-blog], Xu Jiao [micro-blog] until the field to see all the friends, the rest will also become covered with flowers on Jon’s blessing theatre entrance. In just a few hours, the audience like a roller coaster with actress has experienced a process from love, love, do not put, beg, nor to go gradually calm. Instead of paying attention to the story, it is more like a show of women’s emotional drama, girls in the lovelorn when the psychological detour, a variety of entanglements to reflect. In this drama, starring Joe Chen laugh when the tears of emotion, the little girl’s mind to play to the fullest. It is considered to be the most wonderful one is the heroine in the play of the bathtub, Ming Huang clear water full of white bath, Joe Chen helplessly lying in the bathtub, let the memory spread their breath and the missing love the people together. This dramatic effect, only the most intuitive stage can do. With the fourth Danny Award for best actress aura, return "bread tree woman" makes Joe Chen even more excited: "I think in the drama, all with respect, good attention". The role of the 6 tears, each time to release the role of emotion in the precise time, but also for the first time to feel the audience feedback on the stage performances. Joe Chen is willing to accept this kind of pressure and will be full of emotion in the stage of release, will completely themselves into the process of rhyme. In the show, is to let people see the love and Joe Chen on stage (commissioning editor: cloud will)相关的主题文章: