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The rise of network broadcast communication field change the morphology of   the more colloquial life – the media – original title: webcast more colloquial, life [me] financial media this year, live as a technical means, greatly changed the communication industry form. Everyone is thinking about how these changes are going to happen. From the television broadcast to the webcast, is not a simple translation platform, implies a fundamental change in the logic of communication. In the era of mass media, TV will be pushed to the high level of interaction between mass communication can be achieved; but in the age of the Internet, the network broadcast only in the true sense of the reduction of the human face, real-time interactive situation. What is the essence of interactive webcast? From the two aspects of the social communication and interpersonal communication, the network broadcast has pushed the human interaction to a full, three-dimensional and diversified level. The webcast is a more extensive way to show the human life, people’s interest in life, will become a very important content in the webcast. Live television is the standard and content of the value of the written language, pay attention to the information, but the webcast is more colloquial and life qualities, this is because the network interpersonal interaction and strengthen people to express themselves and to maintain the emotional needs, but also to create a living scene communication flow. In many cases, the network expression stimulated by not to a discourse or one subject evaluation, but more like the usual greeting "eaten" seems to have no meaningful dialogue, so the future live product development, is very important to pay attention to creating the context of dialogue. (Wang Xiaohong Department of Communication University of China School of Journalism and Communication Studies (Deputy Minister) commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: