The teacher Tuotang was accused for German students restriction of personal freedom

The teacher Tuotang was accused for German students "restriction of personal freedom for teachers" to testify in the case of a student to the court. (photograph DPA) according to the German "the age" reported that the occurrence of Karlsruhe sued the teacher in the student’s case, recently caused widespread concern in the German society. It seems in many Chinese, students sued the cause just some nonsense: the teacher Tuotang, the operator did not finish to class. At the end of August, the local court of the German Noyce students sued the teacher "restriction of personal freedom" case verdict, found negligent teachers. The teacher will receive further education, or will be fined 1000 euros. The teacher Tuotang made what law last April, the the Rhine area under the town of Karlstad a 50 year old music teachers, for students of grade 6 is too noisy in the classroom, Paganini music appreciation class to let students copy the musician’s life. Before class, the teacher moved a stool to sit at the door of the classroom, the provisions can only copy the students to leave the classroom. A student is not required to line up, crowded to the door to go out. In this process, teachers and students in pushing, using a mobile phone to another student alarm. Subsequently, the teacher to limit personal freedom and personal injury crime prosecution by the prosecution. Report of the boys claimed that the teacher was emotional, and use a pointer beat desk, the students have finished copying even as he cannot go out of the classroom. He testified in court, the students in the classroom and the teacher pushed by the teacher, the "big belly". Prosecutors believe that, because students do not comply with classroom discipline and the teaching content will be copied, belong to". According to the education law, the punitive measures of teaching is illegal; after class Tuotang, and stop the students out of the classroom, violated the "restriction of personal freedom law. The principle of German school education is "education". The local the NRW "school act" provisions, to achieve the purpose of the "education" warning, team talk, write to parents, and cancel the qualification, students in Teacher under the supervision of makeup, and be sure to inform parents. It is obvious that the teacher is beyond the limit. At the beginning of August this year, the local court case in noyce. The allegations, the teacher said in court, the teaching content is the violinist Paganini, the music appreciation to copy the musician life, just "the teaching content in the form of text, not copy". At the end of the class, he asked the students to stand in line to check out the work before they could walk out of the classroom. It did take a few minutes, but all the students who had completed the assignment were released. He also pointed out that the same day the boys alarm on the left, and not complete copy has been made. The defense lawyer said, do not let the student in the class when the rush out, is actually to fulfill the obligation of guardianship of the teacher. The school principal also testified in court on the same day. After receiving a report from the police station, quickly call the school principal, the principal arrived in the classroom before the police arrived, but not as good as what the report said, the music ran相关的主题文章: