The tenth Hefei Fair will be staged at the National Animation Festival of joy melia kreiling

The tenth Hefei Fair will be staged at the National Animation Festival joy house dance contest, children’s drama, animation industry, CIG thousand whipped egg electronic games, animation exhibition, photography exhibition of succulent plants…… In the tenth Hefei fair, the seventh Hefei animation festival exhibition will fall for tourists, especially the favorite cartoon public offer a national animation festival of joy. According to reports, in November 2007, the national animation development base in Hefei, a large number of animation and derivative products companies have taken root in our city, opened a new era of development of animation industry in our city. In order to further promote the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, create atmosphere for the development of animation industry, animation industry to optimize the development of the brand, in 2008, the first Hefei Animation Festival came into being, has developed into a certain brand awareness and influence. In the previous Animation Festival in Hefei, the number of people directly involved in the tens of thousands of people, the audience of about 20000 people live through the webcast to watch the number of about 150 thousand people. The seventh Hefei Animation Festival in previous activities on the basis of adding thousands of children’s drama, animation, animation display, whipped egg succulent photography show more variety of activities. "We are still interactive area for different age tourists for fishing for goldfish, shooting, basketball, golf, Air National Touhu, archery, shiatsu sheet ten skipping entertainment." Organizers responsible person. Maybe you do not know, E-sports has been listed as an Olympic project, the majority of E-sports enthusiasts is not only to play the game to PK, but on the back of their own equipment, a master in the contest between the "sports field". It is worth looking forward to, the Eleventh National Games in Hefei will also be held during the current animation festival. The events included hero alliance, Warcraft III, storm hero, hearthstone legend, DOTA2, CS-GO, FIFA-ONLINE3, souls of the blade, vanity, ball war etc.. Then, visit the Hefei Expo visitors will be able to watch an unprecedented grand feast.相关的主题文章: