The Weifang lottery day harvest two awards 3 hours apart but poor 190 thousand – Sohu w-inds.

The Weifang lottery day harvest two awards 3 hours apart but poor 190 thousand – Sohu recently Weifang weather is rainy, rain washed the city exceptionally clean, air is very fresh. It is generally accepted that autumn is a season of harvest, for the growth of crops is usually spring, summer and autumn. For Weifang Zhongfu online, autumn is their harvest season, this autumn, soon came the good news, one day, two lucky friends harvest awards, really is a good thing ah.   13:05 August 19th, the color of the friends of Mr. Lee (of surname) in the River Road Sales Office to 20 line 5 lines all the way in " serial Indiana " game third close connection of the 24 ruby, hi 68371.74 yuan.   15:10 on August 19th Mr Choi (of surname) in Yuanfei Road Sales Office machine to single 200 points 5 lines all way in " serial Indiana " game third also hit 24 in ruby, although there are 24 rubies, but because the prize pool is enough, Mr. Zhang is lucky to harvest prize of 250 thousand yuan.   (winning picture); the color of the friends of Mr. Li is a 80 after the guy, do not look very old, but the lottery time is not short, or VLT " fancier ". On the afternoon of August 19th, Lee came to the River Road Sales Office for a betting card, choose his most love " serial Indiana " game play, the first two points after the game has been going down, when entering the third, his points remain not much, so he will score down down, just when he thought the end of the battle " "; when the miracle appeared: 24 rubies accidentally crash together, he accidentally harvested 60 thousand yuan prize. In the Lee winning 3 hours later, Yuanfei Road Sales Office news came, Mr. Zhang topped the list awards, harvest 250 thousand awards. Mr Choi in the field work, spare time, will go to the sales office to try their luck in the afternoon at home, nothing came to Yuanfei Road Sales Office, and he accidentally became the lucky star, gain the award. Mr. Zhang said, " before many awards, I did not expect this so lucky prize can fall on his head, is really awesome, the future will continue to support the vlt. " special reminder: September 2nd -9 month 11 days, a total of 10 days, 1500 high speed folding bike in Shandong province’s delivery! In addition to high-end speed folding bike gift Shandong welfare lottery center unified facilities around the city, there will be other matching gifts. Whether the heart of it, usually during the event to the VLT halls color friends have the opportunity to get more gift.相关的主题文章: