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Careers-Employment How you think prior to going in to your interview has a direct impact upon your performance. Research has clearly demonstrated that what is going through your mind dictates the out.e which you subsequently experience. Your thoughts create your emotions and these direct your actions. The more you think about a particular scenario the more emotion you give to it and this emotion increasingly more powerful. As you continue to think along the same lines, this powerful emotion in effect magnetizes whatever you are thinking about into your reality. This may sound a bit far-fetched to some, but I can assure you that this is very much the truth. Just think for a moment about energy. Everything around you has it’s own frequency of energy transmission, everything is made up of energy, be it a leaf or a stone, the sun, the moon, and you yourself. We humans are energy beings, although not many of us acknowledge or pay heed to this fact. I think that almost every one of us does "know" our energy connection at some level. You hear someone saying "we’re on the same wave length", or "we’re on a different wave length" or "we are so in tune with each other" or "I can feel the vibes" and these sayings often .e from an unconscious awareness of the energy waves which we are experiencing. I think everyone will also acknowledge that we feel more .fortable in the .pany of those with whom we feel are on a similar wave-length. Your interview is both a performance and a "getting to know one another" scenario. It is therefore important, if you want to get that job, to get in tune with the person or people who are conducting the interview. In this way they will feel .fortable with you, they will like you, and at the end of the day they are far more likely to employ someone whom they like than someone who for some unknown reason they feel slightly un.fortable with. The use of body language goes some way to achieving this aim, but your mind is far more powerful factor in this equation. Getting on the same wave length mentally is a skill which you can learn, just as you can learn the techniques of body language. Job-hunting is a .petition. Just as you would psyche yourself up if you were .peting in the Olympics, you need to do exactly the same before you enter the interview arena. In sport, everyone at the top uses mental rehearsal to prepare for success. Hypnosis is probably THE most powerful and effective way in which to train your mind for success. Hypnosis is normal and natural. It is a state of relaxation whilst at the same time allowing you to focus clearly upon your goals. With the help of hypnosis downloads, you can access this powerful state and learn to visualize the out.e which you want to achieve – you can visualize yourself calm and relaxed, .fortable and confident, easily getting on the same wave lengthand getting that job. You will learn to over.e worries and trepidation and instead create a feeling of calm control. You will have an inner knowledge that the "vibe" which you are transmitting is that you are the perfect person for the job. Interview confidence .es from the inside, and with the use of hypnosis you can access the inner workings of your mind, creating an expectation of success which mag.izes exactly that into your reality. Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for hypnosis confidence. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: