Turkey big pear a more than four kilograms of Hong’an ginseng potatoes a pound of 30 yuan (video) www.8008205555

Turkey big pear, a more than four pounds of Hong’an ginseng potatoes $30 a pound overcast sky, can not cover the enthusiasm of the influx of people farmers expo. Yesterday, the thirteenth session of the Chinese Wuhan Agricultural Expo opened in Wuzhan, ushered in the first day of 45 thousand spectators, selling billions of dollars. The Ming and Qing Dynasties moved into town Agricultural Fair yesterday, people entered the venue, attracted a style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the ingredients of incense, filled with native Dragon Town, go shopping, eat, take pictures, awfully, as if through more than 100 years ago. Royal Sydney rock sugar, scallion carp shop, LEE KEE meat sauce, baked fish sauce, the old duck tongue etc. antique shops in the town are lined up. The board with a bamboo basket containing Wuhan Dongxihu production of cucumber, egg, corn, fish, beans and silk crafts, beans, fish sauce duck sauce, boiled noodles, bread stalls site, reeky. Next, this mini town will expand the countless times, appeared in Dongxihu District Dongshan Lake Farm dragon, with 2000 acres of reed, a regional representation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the rippling sporadic Fan Town, for the public to play nostalgia. Tea "pesticide" at the exhibition for the first time, Shaanxi city health group which brought hundreds of local tea products, play safe and se two signs. 3000 miles of the Han River, nearly 1/3 wells in the territory, the south to North Water Diversion Project water source of more than 68% of the health. It is 91.9% of the area belong to the state banned and restricted to a river of water and Sustainable Development Zone, the north, shutting down nearly 300 enterprises. Moreover, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited. In addition, the soil is rich in selenium and health 2/3, tea se absorption ability, so rich in selenium rich tea health. As early as the Silk Road in the sea, Wuhan is the center of the well-being of tea, Ankang tea transported to Hankou through the Han River and then transported to all parts of the country. The product brought 300 yuan a pound to $3000 a pound. 1125 meters above sea level in Hubei, the peak of Tujia Autonomous County in the village of perfume, the wild tea in the mountains to the Agricultural Expo exhibition hall, building two, the ex factory price of the exhibition on the market, and the price of food is not enough. The fruit ripening before the color red as the localization of rabbit rabbit eye blueberry No. 3, yesterday unveiled nongbo Huidong Huanggang exhibition hall. It is a fine varieties of blueberry in Texas, north latitude 30 degrees, the growth period than ordinary blueberry long 1 to 2 months, the anthocyanin content is 3-5 times of blueberry. However, the product is grown locally in our country, from the Dabie Mountains, Hubei Province, blueberry base. The local and the United States like Dezhou, is 30 degrees north latitude, and climate suitability of Rabbiteye blueberry. Because the rabbit eye blueberry grain is small, not suitable when selling fresh fruit growers, Zhou Wensheng brought the blueberry juice and 100% content of rabbiteye blueberry sauce, 50% content of blueberry fruit pulp. Pure fruit pulp by blueberries and water than 1 formulated, drink up, very beneficial to the eyes. Shaped like enlarged several times the pear, and tastes like melon taste. Our country fruit expert in Asia and Europe three continents at the junction of Turkey found a spur of fruit varieties — Turkey Province, near Wuhan in Xiaogan three branch town of the success of planting 300 acres, yesterday to nongbo Huidong Department of Xiaogan Exhibition for the public taste fresh. "Big pears." People have to see the fruit.相关的主题文章: