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TV drama "people’s prosecutor" concept: "hero and tiger" – the media – original title: look at the "hero tiger" — the TV series "people’s prosecutor" after the concept of "people’s police officer" poster. The rule of law drama difficult to write: not familiar with the law can’t write, prosecutors do not understand not write, "people’s prosecutor" completed the successful grafting of art and life, revealed a good and evil of righteousness, a passion for building a country under the rule of the eighteen Party’s proposed onpushing major strategy of rule of law the. TV drama "people’s prosecutor" vividly since eighteen people prosecutors with the legal belief, loyalty to the country and the people of the love story? Force anti-corruption, anti-corruption, anti ditch. The official Daqing, who shot the piercing eye fist, corrupt to trial, safeguard the dignity of the law. Outstanding works as a prosecutor with artists and created the TV series, "people’s procurator" on the basis of the reality of life often follow the law of artistic creation rules, sing the main theme worthy of the spirit of the times. TV drama "people’s prosecutor" through intense conflict, vividly portrays the individuality of Daqing anti corruption Bureau rectangular prosecutors image. He is bold but cautious, fulfilling the constitutional authority perceptive of the minutest detail, tiger, corruption, people from harm. From Liu Haiyong, Cui Peng, Feng Lu hunt for corrupt officials to Shunmanmogua, into the den, uncovered gold mine and Jin Mingshan, take the initiative to take a series of life and death insurance, grams of obstacles, to show the noble faith anti-corruption prosecutors, establish anti-corruption tiger hero image, could not help but sigh: the National Party, need to Daqing! The rule of law as the unique Chinese Movie Gallery in front of the hero, Daqing, Xia Jingru and other characters into people’s hearts. "People’s prosecutor" art has achieved spectacular strike a deep chord, inspiring, set people thinking, admiration. After CCTV broadcast widely acclaimed, the reason is that the creators of bold innovation, the courage to break through. "Fascinating", the beginning of the story into a crime. In the Mountain Gate of the prison, prosecutor Xia Jingru Wang Wanrong to stop the implementation of domestic violence leads to her husband, "statutory rape case. "The explosion murder suspect Zhao Xia was sentenced to death before the whistle behind is the municipal government deputy secretary general Liu Yong, Daqing began to trace Liu Haiyong’s evidence of a crime. The opening scene thrown two hooks, with its authenticity and strong dramatic conflict on the expectations of the audience, the lock case investigation. Corruption and anti-corruption is a brutal battle hero fight at outrance, inevitably walk in the sharp blade, such a high level of conflict setting, test people’s prosecutor’s faith and will, who wins, the audience has to catch up with the last. "Strike a deep chord, no Valentine’s love of prosecutors and law enforcement, prosecutors, humanity and conscience to impress people. For example, Daqing has repeatedly with the suspect’s prosecutor’s son Jiang Xiao played the prosecutor Jiang Xiao father in prison, but was just and stern father. Small granddaughter came to visit a man man in prison for 18 years, Wang Shun, said to him: "my mother said, my grandfather is good)相关的主题文章: