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The Champions League: deep dish Lisbon water analysis situation is good value letter – Sohu of Lisbon competitive vs Legia Warsaw 201617 Champions League group phase game time: 2016-09-28 Wednesday 02:45 Macao disc: 0.880 ball half ball 0.980 Bet365 disc: 0.925 ball half ball 0.975 William Hill: 1.25 6.50 12 1.22 6 13 Ladbrokes: [news score 1, the Lisbon athletics data] first round group phase Bernabeu guest to stay ahead of the advantages of a long ball, but in the race to stoppage time lost two balls, 1-2 Hanfu defending champion real madrid. 2, the Lisbon athletics last weekend 4-2 beat Portuguese home court ESTO Lille, stop two defeats. 3, Lisbon maintained a winning streak of 4 games, scoring at least two goals per game. 4, the first round of the first round of the Warsaw team 0-6 defeat in the Hornets in Dortmund. 5, the Warsaw Legion nearly 4 rounds of the game’s 1 flat and negative 3 consecutive, lost the ball in the 11 game of the 4. 6, the two teams in the 12 season of the Europa League clash in the last round of the game, Lisbon athletics to win the top 1 to maintain the advantage of 1 square meters (two). [analysis] asian handicap according to data provided the net score, crown ball chupan Lisbon athletics Lord let the ball half ball 0.90 water, immediately set a slight premium; the crown size ball 3 ball chupan low water, the opening is deep, and the ball is to keep the precipitation. Between Real Madrid and Dortmund, the Lisbon athletic group competition pressure, first leg regrets negative Real Madrid background, second leg clash with the weakest team Warsaw legion, the Portuguese saw the timely points of hope; the Lisbon athletics handicap the Lord let the ball half ball two water, let the full picture, the situation is good. Asian disk recommended: Lisbon athletics -1.75 color recommendation: 3相关的主题文章: