United States do not have to worry about renting the landlord suddenly expelled winsockfix

The United States do not have to worry about rent by the landlord suddenly get rid of American TV series "sex and the city" actress lamented, in New York, you always looking for three things: the house, and her boyfriend. In New York and Washington for more than a year of life, although the latter two kinds of urban characteristics, I have not fully realized, but after the experience of the four move, he has become a semi expert. Around twenty years old friends are mostly similar to me. Buy a house, not in their plans for the next few years. High housing prices are the common characteristics of international metropolis. In New York and Washington, for example, an apartment monthly rent is usually above $1000, and the annual increase of 5% to 10% range. It’s not a small expenditure for young people who graduate soon. Generally speaking, young people have to spend 1/3 to half of their income to pay rent. Plus daily expenses, not much money per month, do not want to buy a house. A lot of people are burdened with heavy student loans. According to the survey, the United States 2016 graduates of the average student loan of $37172, an increase of 6% over last year. An American friend of mine worked for several years in a government department, but when he was a graduate student, he couldn’t afford the tuition. Buying a house is not the only thing she needs to think about. Many young Americans do not want to be bound by the house. In Washington, I met a 28 year old architect, he in the Washington area the Georgetown rent a room, the monthly rent of nearly $2000. In fact, a monthly income of $8000 he could afford to purchase Shoufu, but he said: although has lived in Washington for 8 years, but does not intend to stay long here. He plans to go to another state to study for an MBA degree next year and then go to other cities for better job opportunities. Although he believes that the acquisition of real estate is the embodiment of growth and responsibility, but still want to maintain the flexibility of life in the near future. The architect’s idea is quite common in the United States, compared with investment properties, more young people are willing to invest in their own. I have many years of nearly 30 years of graduate students. They already have several years of work experience, and then continue their studies in order to seek better development opportunities. After graduation, they often practice in Washington, a media this month, next month, went to United Nations Headquarters to start another internship. If other countries have good jobs, they don’t mind working abroad for a few more years. After the 2008 financial crisis, the U.S. housing market has undergone restructuring, millennials tend to rent. Most of the current in the sale of single family property located in the suburbs. Unlike previous generations who prefer to live on the outskirts of the city, a new generation of young people prefer to rent near the city centre. In this way, they can be more convenient to participate in social life, but also can save a lot of commuting costs. At the same time, they do not have to worry about property taxes and cumbersome housing maintenance. In terms of psychological preference, many young people in the United States enjoy the pleasure of migration and enjoy the culture and characteristics of different regions. More importantly, unlike China, the United States housing system and the environment to allow people to buy a house as a major event. 2014, the United States 18 to the age of 34 people rent rate of up to 71.6%. At the same time, the big city.相关的主题文章: