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.puters-and-Technology In today’s small and medium-sized businesses, the online aspect of virtually every successful business is crucial to its ongoing viability. And because of the nature of online business it is important to have customer support systems that operate with a minimum of intervention by the IT team. At the core of a useful customer care system is help desk software that could be counted on day in and day out. What you wouldn’t like is your IT department having to be spending a significant amount of time hand-holding clients as they try to use your help desk system. Indeed it is ideal if they spend virtually no time detailing the system to clients, testing it when clients wonder if it is working properly, or reconfiguring or reinstalling it when something fails with the system. This is specially the case with small business help desk software. This is in point of fact the sort of relatively simple package made specifically for small establishments that don’t have a dedicated IT person. These users require an easily installed, easily set up and easily maintained system. Anything else would be very tough to keep up and would soon fall out of favor with the people trying to use it. Several functions set a suitable help desk solution from one that is .pletely unacceptable. First, as we have already said it should be easy to set up. Secondly it ought to be easy to configure. Third it should be effortless to maintain. These are the most significant criteria from the IT management point of view. Equally important if not moreso, the users of your help desk system must get the features they need most. First of all, it should be easy to use. Ease of use is one of the most important features of any small business softwere. Secondly it ought to provide your customers what they want – a relatively easy way to get answers to their queries. If it consistently does not give them the answers they are looking for they will simply stop using it. Thirdly it should make it possible for your support staff to give answers rapidly. Assuming they know the answers, you certainly don’t want your software standing in the way of efficiently responding to customer queries. Fourth, it is very important that it keep track of inquiries correctly. This is useful to provide a history of queries from different people. Fifthly, it ought to be integrated with knowledge base software which anticipates .mon queries and responses to make it unnecessary for support staff to reply to the same questions repeatedly. And sixth, your service desk software ought to give you a history of specific queries which clients can access without involvement from support staff. If you can find help desk software that provides all this information and meets these criteria then it will be very useful for the day to day operation of your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: