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Protect Your New Invention With Best Patent Services Posted By: John Smith Whenever you launch a new product or service, then you should firstly provide it legal protection for your ideas and services. Also, you must have rights of preventing others for making, selling, using or distributing and invention. In either case, it will spoil all your efforts if somebody else steal or copy your idea. Basically, there are two types of patent work i.e. provisional patent and utility patent. If you are a patent applicant, a registered agent or an inventor, then you can file a registration application in the office. But the whole process is really very tiresome. So, you should always consult a professional to ease your problems. There are so many companies that offer world class patent services to their clients. With a single click of the mouse, you can easily find out a long list of service providers. But you should always hire an attorney who is proficient in his work. With the help of your well wishers, you can easily find the best company. Also, reading user reviews online will be the great option for you. Once you determine your company, you should contact them and discuss your problems with them.

us patent lawyer Patent Registration Secures Original Creations Posted By: Thepatent Office Creative designers get their work or ideas registered so that nobody else copies that. This is a great way to protect the original product or invention from false claims. Once the design is patent, the inventor gets the special right to manufacture, use or sell the created product for particular time duration, which could be of some years. It is seen that many people are not aware of the procedures involved in getting the rights. In this matter, they need assistance of professionals who know the registration system. They can help an individual to get his product registered. A patent office in US is a hub of attorneys who provide guidance and service to people who want a registration of their invention. These specialists perform an extensive search to find whether an invention is new or not. They also tell the patrons about the right patent application such as design, provisional or non-provisional utility patent application. Furthermore, they prepare the application for each patron and file it with United States Patent Office, which will approve the request. People who want to guard the working process or manufacturing method of their innovation can file non-provisional patent application.
http://www.articlesnatch.com/blog/Patent-Registration-Secures-Original-Creations/4499590 Utility Patent – Secure Your Invention To Reap Long-term Benefits Posted By: Thepatent Office If the invention is successful, the inventor should protect it with a Patent. For guidance and assistance seek the help of an attorney. The attorney will first conduct a thorough search to make sure no one else has already patented the invention or idea. A utility patent application protects any new process, manufacture, machine or any useful improvement thereof. The first step towards obtaining a utility patent is to mark your invention as "Patent Pending". This can only be done if you file for a Provisional Utility Application. You have a year thereafter to file for a Non-Provisional Application. In this time, you can test the relevance and build up interest for your invention or raise capital. A Provisional Application should be drafted with the same level of concern similar to that of a Non-Provisional. Taking it lightly or on par with a disclosure document is the biggest mistake you can make. This is because on conversion from Provisional to Non-Provisional, all the documents should fully support the earlier filed Provisional Application. The process of filing for an online patent application is easy and simple. You will start by creating a secure account.

online patent application Patents : Novelty Is The Key Posted By: Thepatent Office If you have come up with a unique design or procedure then it’s important for you to protect the originality element. The best way to do that is by considering patents. In general terms, design patent refers to protecting the looks of your product. While utility patent refers to the way an invention is used or works. Utility patent is a type of patent that protects the way a new invention works. Utility patents do not protect designs or abstract concepts. There are generally two types of utility patents. First being provisional utility patent. A provisional utility patent is the first step towards obtaining a utility patent. Once you file for you will be able to mark your invention as "Patent Pending". With Patent Pending status the inventor is curious to know the results, if the patent is being granted or not. Then comes non-provisional utility patent. The first step towards a utility patent is filing for a provisional utility application. Your filing date will be set for one year hence. In this time period you can raise interest to raise interest and test the working of your invention.

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patent application process Five Things To Consider When You Get A Patent Posted By: Terry Rhine You have put a lot of work into developing your idea and you have decided it is time to get a patent. There are important things that need to be considered to get a patent. To help here is a rundown of what to expect with the process for getting a patent.1. The first step is to perform a patent search. This is vital because you need to make sure that there isn’t currently a patent on an idea similar to yours and that there haven’t been patents filed before for something similar.If one is found, you are going to have to go back to square one and invent something else. This keeps you from being at risk of getting in a whole lot of legal trouble. Filing for a patent on a similar product would constitute infringement on the legal owner of the patent’s rights.2. If you don’t see that there is a patent already out there for your invention or something similar then you can proceed with the patent application process so that you can obtain the patent.

pat Get a Patent Patents For Inventors – Your Questions Answered! Posted By: Brian R. Rayve, Esq. Are you confused about what a patent is and whether you should get one? This is a primer for beginning inventors that answers your most commonly asked questions. 1) What is a patent? A patent is a form of "intellectual property" which rewards persons whom invent a new and non-obvious: a) process or method; b) machine; c) article of manufacture; or d) composition of matter. In return for completely disclosing the invention including how to practice the invention, a "legal monopoly" on the invention is granted to the inventor(s) for a specific period of time. That legal monopoly is the right for the inventor(s) to exclude other persons and businesses from: a) making; b) using; c) offering for sale or selling; or d) importing; the invention in the United States. 2) What is "patent pending"? Once a patent application is prepared and filed and prior to issuance of a patent, the invention can be marked "patent pending" or "patent applied for".

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