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Vaccine and science fans answer selection 20160829- 1, Guangdong @ @ Sohu mother: Hello doctor Tao Jing if the orchids, my daughter 11 months, I want to take her to Hongkong with 13 valent influenza vaccine can also be? How many needles should be inoculated? Is it time to get vaccinated with other vaccines? Dr. Tao Lina: you can go to the pneumococcal 13 valent conjugate vaccine. A total of 3 agents, the first 2 doses interval of 1 months, with a dose of third agents interval of 2 months. And other vaccines can be vaccinated at any interval. 2, @ Shanghai @yuriko: Tao teacher today will be listed on the influenza vaccine is the price of it? Dr. Tao Lina: have you heard that the continent’s flu vaccine is still a 3?. @ @ 3, Sichuan circle: do pottery teacher service round like a spit out part of the vaccine, vaccine and effect? Need to be vaccinated again? Thank you! Dr. Tao Lina: not recommended for vaccination. 4, @ Zhejiang @CC_CJ: Excuse me taolaoshi, my baby because of the PDA intervention, but after the birth of BCG vaccine and hepatitis B, no other vaccines, the baby in August age, Shanghai review the results well, doctors recommend adding vaccine, but not at the same time I would make a multi needle, should how to reasonably resow? According to age and degree of importance, the first should replant several vaccines, vaccine at their own expense can be reduced if the number of needles, which make up more efficient? Waiting for your reply, thank you, Dr. Tao Lina Tao: a variety of vaccines can be vaccinated at the same time. Leprosy vaccine priority, go to vaccination. The best is leprosy vaccine and combined vaccine, AC vaccine, meningitis with round disease vaccine inoculation; interval of 2 weeks of inoculation of hepatitis B vaccine; inoculation interval of 2 weeks, group AC combined vaccine combined vaccine and Japanese encephalitis vaccine; vaccination vaccine Wulian interval of 1 months. That’s about to catch up. Wulian vaccination thigh. 5, Beijing @ @ zhuzhuxia 01: hello! Tao teacher! Because of polio drops has been out of stock, my baby first needle polio and DPT playing a free IPV, second pin is playing IPV with four. Because the baby has been seven months, some worry, I can change into five dose third? Thank you! Dr. Tao Lina: yes. Third agent selected combined vaccine inoculated, 1 agent combined vaccine at the age of 18 months. 6, @ Guangdong Chen: Tao teacher Monday good! My baby is now five and a half months, this month to ten, Wulian hit third needles, in accordance with the provisions of the community in September 14 hit head AC binding, and in September 29 A hepatitis B vaccine, one half of the window period is community can selectively give flu and foot vaccine, but after meningitis AC and hepatitis B should be postponed half vaccination, I would like to ask Tao teacher how can I arrange for vaccination order? A month and a half of the window period should be vaccinated? Or go to Hongkong Victoria Harbor and how to play the vaccine? If you go to Hongkong after vaccination is better than the community here? Dr. Tao Lina: influenza vaccine and vaccine of foot and mouth will be full of June age of vaccination, meningococcal AC conjugate vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine in 2 before vaccination 2 weeks after inoculation. Pneumonia vaccine can?相关的主题文章: