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Business An entrepreneur is just another human being excluding the fact that he has the panache to transform the ordinary into extra-ordinary. Entrepreneurs are not bound by any stereotyped methods or structures but are the ones who can adjust to all circumstances or make the circumstance adjust to their needs, which is why they emerge victorious time and again, when they are tested with challenges. Vijay Eswaran is one such philanthropic leader and iconic entrepreneur that has inspired the world to look for higher goals in life and execute actions that help materialize their high goals! The world does not witness such living legends everyday, and while he is celebrated, the world is celebrating him too! He is an iconic entrepreneur, a best-selling author and a philanthropic leader that motivates millions across the world! Vijay Eswaran accomplished his higher education from the prominent universities of the UK and the USA. He has an inspiring academic and professional record of working for renowned companies IBM, in very conscientious positions, before returning to Asia in the early 90s, when he decided to turn entrepreneur. Vijay Eswaran was the co-founder and executive chairman of Qi Group Of Companies that was initiated in the year 1998, marking the first step if this iconic figure into the life of an entrepreneur. Qi Group Of Companies an e-commerce based business conglomerate which has a presence in a wide plethora of sectors such as technology, telecommunications, retail, education, travel & leisure, wellness, luxury products, watches, training, wellness and even corporate investment. The 13-year old QI Group has its regional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and a strong presence in nearly 30 countries through a wide range of subsidiary companies. Vijay Eswaran is also celebrated as a best-selling author who has penned four highly successful books on life management. In the sphere of silence, In the thinking zone, 18 stepping stones & On the wings of thought are his editions to the way the perceives the world and its different colors. These best-seller books hold Vijay Eswarans perception about life and the various experiences that life has brought him to. Vijay Eswaran is also distinguished as a philanthropic leader and attributes this feature of him to his upbringing. Coming from a family where philanthropy was a way of life and his father being largely influential in this regard, Vijay Eswaran got molded in the colors of goodness and charity. Vijay Eswaran an inspirational icon, believes in the fact that there are no defeats, only experiences! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: