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Virtual cloud the old monk enlightenment: Night cup landing void crushing slip into the bleeding in three weeks, a remarkable recovery. (source: Phoenix Buddhism) virtual cloud Jackson (1840 ~ 1959), from Cao hole, Kanetsugu Rinzai, ZTE Cloud Gate, Kuangfu fayan, is a continuation of Wei Yang, body five patriarchal veins Zen monks. Virtual cloud Jackson legendary life, through countless hardships, from the cloud: "read the four dynasties, feel the vicissitudes of a few degrees; nine mill ten is difficult, the knowledge of impermanence!" This text from "Xuyun readme for Chronicle", twenty-one years Guangxu years is fifty-six years old master Xu yun. Virtual cloud Jackson survived, and in meditation enlightenment, then continue to practice diligently, Philip testimonies, the last in Yunjushan mountain passed away, life at the age of 120, as China modern the most legendary generation of monks! Phoenix — Buddhist Yangzhou GaoMin Temple abbot Winalite Jiuhua, said this year Gaomin Zhu Shi means that, even the old 47, playing a total of twelve seven, old Akayama Norihito has been back to the temple, you are also the resident Yang, please back. Will be the first to push down the mountain. To chase Digang, and along the river, the water rose to claim the money Liumei Du, rime, to be penniless, Zhou Jing Zhao drum to people. Again, suddenly slip fall of water, and a day. Near the stream to Caishiji, fishing net, called Hoshakuji monk recognised. The monks who live by solid akayama, said: "this is the division of deqing!" Give to the temple, save Su, when in June 28th, but the toilet all holes bleeding nose. In a few days, to the size of gaomin. Governor monk easy weary, asked: "there is no disease?" Yue: "no." But ye Lang mountain monk, please inquire after, on behalf of. To not allow, and not just in words falling water, hall seven. Gaomin family is serious, like ministry refused to be regarded as the slow. So table hall, hit the incense plate, to shun by no language, and the disease increased, blood flow, and urine drops. To die for, in meditation, and diligence, clear thought, what I do not know who is, after 20 days, the disease is good. Rotary Caishiji de bank to send clothing to the abbot, see radiant, big relief, are held to fall to the water, all admire. The meditation room post does not make to retire, then practice. This meal time falls Mannen, hall, day and night as a swift action. One evening he put a look at Wanxiang, open eyes, suddenly see the light as day, inside and outside the cave Che, septal kakimi fragrant light division solution, see also Xidan division in the latrine, far and river sailing a boat, on both sides of trees, a variety of colors, I shall see. When it’s time, just call the ears. The next day, ask the fragrant light and Xidan, really. To know is the environment, do not think different. 87 to third nights in the twelfth lunar month six incense sticks on static, nursing seven cases of red boiling water, splashing hands on the cup onto the ground, the sound of a broken, broken meal suspected root, Qing fast life, as from a dream. Since the study for decades in the Yellow River wandering monk, was a popular Chinese hut to ask, do not know what is the water. I was treading over the stove, see what wengi speech! If this is not falling into the water in case of illness, if not proactive inverse perturbation, knowledge education, almost miss the life, which has today! Because the mechanic said: "the cup on the floor, Ming sound Lili, void crushing, crazy heart present interest." Another verse: "hot start, broken glass, broken up language difficult to open; spring flowers everywhere show, the land is like)相关的主题文章: