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Wang Cong joined the "domestic big hero" strong woman turned Beggars – Sohu "entertainment arena to save the domestic big hero" Wang Cong stills "hero" Wang Cong played domestic "Chengdu" Wang Cong joined the "hero" Sohu entertainment news recently, "smiling goddess" Wang Cong was invited to join the comedy drama "creative domestic heroes", as beggars female boss "Fang Rong", the whole body dress, high cold and strong woman full range of children, in talking about feelings, Wang Cong joked that "really done a foolish, from the theme to the filming process is unforgettable." Wang Cong turned at Gaibangbangzhu arena their enmity "deductive domestic hero" with a new fast-paced narrative style, combined with the current hot topic, with kichiku temperament, large body, hilarious deconstruction way, shaping the Chinese type "super hero", the Wang Cong starred in "Chengdu" is the driving force behind Super Hero: beggars female boss. As beggars only a female representative, Wang Cong abnormal eye-catching, dressed in cheongsam convex, full of flavor, with soft light, this should be a good quiet time picture, but Wang Congyi changed the past "smiling goddess" image, the high cold and strong woman full range of children, emotional rich and delicate, which a game is played by Wang Cong "Fang Rong" to tell the history of the rise and fall of Huang Gai, but the play is not much to the performance of the complex emotions, not only cause the decline of family with deep hatred and resentment, and the evil forces spurned disgust, Wang Cong will hold the character just perfect. Interpretation of a revival in the background of the next generation of beggars career woman sad and pay, performance was praised. Wang Cong presided over the full flowering of the variety television play host identity debut Wang Cong cross skills with its generous intellectual hosting style, solid hosting skills, easy vs. famous directors and actors in the popular film conference. Wang Cong then moved to the entertainment industry, not only in the "never thought of the soldier New Year", "boss" and other TV series reports show a remarkable acting and, by virtue of the "intelligence" of the wonderful performance of Mars, variety shows and full flowering. The star of "domestic hero" with director Lin Zhenzhao, talked about the cooperation experience, Wang Cong joked that "the director is ink", then explains, "the director for the story will have a lot of design, until you will be after the review found that the director’s good intentions, and big Zhao director filming particularly comfortable or easy to pass that is absolutely perfunctory impossible". That combination, the second quarter of the domestic large "hero" heat will continue to rise, once again set off a burst of domestic heroes wind.相关的主题文章: