Watch the pioneer of the new battle mode Arcade pioneer all-round interpretation of discourse tianbi

Watch the pioneer of the new battle mode: Arcade pioneer full interpretation of article PTR service has been launched and pioneer new models and new heroes, new hero of the information you must have learned a lot, below we talk about the new mode of the specific rules and related strategy. As shown above, a total of five new models. A 1v1, 1 3v3, as well as 3 6v6, the new rules and the rules of the game we will talk about the following, we first look at the following chart. For the first time to play 1v1 and 3v3, will get a supply box, is not a weekly refresh is not clear, it is not necessary to win in order to get is not too clear, in any case, Xiao Bian is won (funny). Look at the top right corner, there is a weekly reward, each win 3 games can get a supply box, you can get up to a maximum of 3 per week, a week after the reset. In addition to "1v1", "3v3", "6v6" character of the upper left corner, there is a marked "111", the representative of the pattern of the heat, as shown above, 3V3 most popular, followed by free scuffle and mysterious duel, the heat is three. This sign on behalf of, you need more people to play the long queue, queue, time is short, and of course the game required mode number, such as 1v1, line up quickly, after all, as long as the row will be able to enter a. Where 1v1 and 3v3 are fixed: new ecological monitoring station, later Xiao Bian will give us a new interpretation of maps in detail, please pay attention. 1V1: the mysterious duel rules: a system randomly assigned a hero and both use the hero of the dead can not be resurrected in single map: monitoring station in Antarctica play: because it is 1 to 1, so whether to see each other, and the other party is not aware of the existence of you, this is very important. So need to pay attention to a few points. 1, go door, hidden figure, don’t go up front just. 2, use the Ctrl key to squat down to reduce the sound, reduce the possibility of the opposite first found you. 3, hear the voice after hearing the defence, groping forward, sneak in the corner, the best around after. The above is suitable for most heroes, 1V1 is necessary to do a LYB, below I say about the specific situation and skills. (angel and Lucio in this mode is disabled, not random) (1) DVA positive just, do not open the shield, directly hit hard on the line, in addition to control blood, try to make yourself than on the opposite side of the first explosion. Why? So you can come out of the body, shoot first, save energy. If the opposite is also mecha burst, do not hit the small DVA is not good to save energy, the end result is that you have a new machine to be hit, and the opposite mech has burst immediately, you can use the new armor killing small DVA. (2) the road, the best upper right against the trolls blood grinding, opposite the 80% first hook, enough to you, you’re almost at the same time close shot, and you sharpened his blood, his blood no advantage, you just need to fill a gun, will win. (3) rhine.相关的主题文章: