Water jingle combination announced a tour to celebrate fame for 20 years crycry

Aqua tour celebrating famous combination announced 20 year Aqua combination of Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 14th news, according to foreign media reports, in order to celebrate his single "Barbie Girl" twenty anniversary, Nordic pop group Aqua (Aqua) has just officially announced that they will hold a twenty anniversary tour. In 1997, aqua combination launched a single "Barbie Girl", this song is very popular in many countries around the world, they are also popular in the world. To commemorate the twenty anniversary of the debut of the single, water jingle will be in 2017 in their hometown of Denmark tour. Water jingle combination was formed in the mid 90s of the last century, the early name is Joyspeed, several members were the lead singer Lin Ni – Nystrom (Lene Nystr? M (Defoe) and Rene – (Rene Dif), keyboard hand – Lun – (Soren Rasted) as well as Guitarist – (Claus Norreen). In the year after the launch, "Barbie Girl" in the British pop music charts to win the championship, the billboard singles list in the United States won seventh. After this, aqua combination of the introduction of the other two singles "Doctor Jones" and "Turn Back Time" are all popular in the UK Singles Chart in the top. Among them, the "Turn Back Time" was also the 1998 British romantic comedy "Sliding Doors", the original soundtrack included. According to statistics, aqua combination debut album "Aquarium" since the total sales in the world a total of more than fourteen million. Three years later, the second album "Aquarius" aqua combination is not as before so successful, the album only produced a Top 10 single "Cartoon Heroes", this song was the seventh in the UK Singles Chart in pop music. In 2001, the water bell announced the dissolution of the combination, they said in an interview, said: we have been looking at each other’s eyes, has now concluded that there is no spark between us." Even so, the water jingle group reorganized and held a tour in 2008. In 2009, they released a selection. In 2011, aqua combination issued third studio album "Megalomaniac", this piece of work in their native Denmark sales fair. (KFCMAN)相关的主题文章: