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What are the Jubilee Pavilion, popular baby sleep signal transmission? A lot of mothers and daughters of Sohu will worry about the baby sleep well. Difficult to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep time is short, will let mother worry about. Indeed, sleep is a major event, especially for the baby, because it is related to the normal development of the baby and mental development. From another point of view, the baby’s sleep quality, is an important signal of his physical and mental health. To understand the signal emitted by the baby sleep, we must first understand what is the baby’s sleep. In general, the baby’s sleep time, to account for half of the day or even 2/3. Human sleep is not a simple sleep, but is divided into two phases – REM sleep and non REM sleep. These two phases are alternating in sleep. During REM sleep, the brain waves are very close to the quiet state when awake, non REM sleep to be active, accompanied by rapid eye movement in the eyes of the adult dream is mostly at this stage. The baby’s sleep can be divided into two phases, but different from that of adults. One is the baby sleep in REM sleep accounted for a greater proportion of birth to two months accounted for about half of his sleep time, then decreased to three percent, forty, and adults accounted for only 1/5; the other one is that the baby is often fall asleep directly into REM sleep the adult is the first one hour non REM sleep. Baby rapid eye movement sleep ratio, in fact, is related to his growth and development needs. Scientists generally agree that the active eye movement of a baby can provide him with enough internal stimulation to ensure the normal development of the nervous system. Therefore, we can understand why the baby often do not sleep well: eye rotation, strange expression, uneven breathing, hands and feet may also have some action. These are normal, mom do not have to worry about. If the baby is too excited to play during the day, or by excessive stimulation, such as a loud voice, he is afraid of people or objects close to him, then he may also have a night crying, wake up. There is no need to worry about this situation, the mother of a stable mood, gentle voice and touch, the baby will settle down. As long as he usually happy mood, generally do not have a long, serious impact on the baby. There is a phenomenon of the baby is crying before going to sleep, and difficult to appease. This situation is generally because there is no time to arrange for the baby to sleep, or change the environment, or the baby before going to bed to play too happy, although sleepy but still calm down. Then the mother first to stabilize their emotions, to give the baby to do massage, or gently pat, touched him, give him some quiet humming music, can let him slowly calm down, do not shake or beat. So how to determine whether the baby’s sleep is adequate, the quality is good or not, the mother can observe the performance of the baby after waking up?. If the baby spirit is very good, the mood is happy and smooth, the appetite is normal, has the interest which plays, indicated that the baby sleep.相关的主题文章: