What are the taboos of food and medicine This reminds you to collect gigolos

What are the taboos of food and medicine? The tips you collection this time, temperature on the erratic. Unpredictable weather so many people are in the move, is not a cold have a fever cough runny nose. In order to save a lot of people are buying their own to eat some cold medicine. Roxithromycin Sustained Release Capsules and Compound Methoxyphenamine Capsules are two common drugs, many people will choose the two paragraph in the cold after all. However, in recent days, a 18 year old girl at the same time taking these drugs, the sudden death of the post, in a local forum in Hangzhou suddenly on fire. See the post of a lot of people are panic, and even think: these two kinds of medicine is not can not eat at the same time? Experts hope that we can be rational, the occurrence of unexpected events to a greater extent to illustrate the individual differences, there is no universal significance. Network transmission of 18 year old girl suddenly died because at the same time taking the cold medicine on the Internet suddenly circulated this version, in fact, a little bit of time for. 2008, Guangdong, a 18 year old girl with fever and cough, go to a local hospital, according to the doctor’s advice will be mixed with the 5 drugs. As a result, the condition deteriorated, and there were cramps and shock. His father after a long time of research, found that two doctors can not eat the medicine, the mixture toxicity doubled, that hospital in violation of drug incompatibility caused her daughter died of poisoning. But these two kinds of drugs is Compound Methoxyphenamine Capsules and Roxithromycin Sustained Release Capsules. Father said in an interview with local media: the former marked instructions, each capsule contains 25mg aminophylline, theophylline content accounted for 54% of a pill. Special reminder: do not use combined with other drugs, antitussive and expectorant anti cold drugs, anti group etc.. Note: take this product when vomiting and other symptoms, should stop taking medicine. The latter specification reads: "this product is used in combination with theophylline, can increase its serum levels, resulting in theophylline poisoning." So, the father asked the medical experts conclude that roxithromycin can make compound methoxy theophylline in that elevated blood levels of 3 to 10 times, the blood theophylline clearance decreased 25%, thus increasing the theophylline toxicity, taking theophylline poisoning cause. No problem of individual differences can not be ignored, the deputy director of the second hospital of Zhejiang Zhou Quan Department of pharmacy of drug interactions for special study. He said that the two drugs can not be taken together, is not scientific enough, and very easy to cause panic. Compound Methoxyphenamine Capsules each containing 12.5mg methoxyphenamine hydrochloride, 7Mg 2mg noscapine, chlorphenamine maleate and 25mg aminophylline, anti allergy, asthma, cough, phlegm and other effects, better efficacy. "Roxithromycin Sustained Release Capsules is a macrolide antibiotic, not anti cold drugs. The risk of aminophylline and macrolide antibiotic potential interactions. But different macrolides and taking different doses of aminophylline, the degree of interaction is not the same." Zhou Quan further explanation. Macrolides are many points, erythromycin, roxithromycin, azithromycin. There is such a description in Aminophylline Tablets’s drug instructions: some antibiotics, such as erythromycin, roxithromycin, clarithromycin, fluoroquinolone enoxacin.相关的主题文章: