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What’s wrong with my skin? Several common skin problems during pregnancy – Sohu maternal and child in every woman before becoming a mother, must be pregnant this stage. And this period is generally recognized as the most sweet burden". Every mother in this stage, the hormones in the body and the organs of the body, are prepared for the birth of a new life, and even cause great changes. The mother is also due to changes in each stage and the symptoms of discomfort. And the skin is the first to be seen! Changes in pregnancy is particularly significant, which is also the first to pay the mother to pay a price. Xiao Bian cited a few common skin problems during pregnancy to do a simple explanation: 1, stretch marks this is a pregnant mother will feel great distress skin problems. 80~90% pregnant women in late pregnancy in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and other large tension will appear pink to dark red atrophy of the linear scar. The reason is that the tension of the skin is too large, resulting in the rupture of the connective tissue in the dermis, which is more obvious and more severe in the body weight gain is too fast or too large for pregnant women. 2, pregnant mother 90% pigmentation phenomenon of pigmentation, the common parts are: armpit, areola, belly midline, genitals, and inner thighs; originally had freckles, moles, scars and other colors may also increase. In addition, 50~70%’s mother will clear dark brown plaques appeared on both sides of the face, forehead and mouth around serious are likely to occur, this is the so-called "pregnant spot", i.e., liver spots. Because of its color like cooked pork and the name, and the liver function is independent of the UV exposure and hormonal changes will induce or aggravate pregnant spot. Most of the pigmentation phenomenon will gradually disappear after a few months, but "pregnancy spots" in the event it is difficult to recover. 3, oil pox skin type of mother’s sebaceous glands due to changes in the hormones produced by pregnancy stimulated by increased secretion. Therefore, the face, scalp, back more easily out of oil, or pregnant women had to live and work on the high pressure, if coupled with sleep or stay up late, acne and acne will be more likely to deteriorate. 4, some mothers will appear itching of skin pruritus symptoms in late pregnancy, but the skin surface has not yet appeared obvious changes, which may be related to hormonal changes, reduce bile salt metabolism in vivo bile accumulation. Coupled with improper scratching caused by broken skin, scab. In addition, there are a few mother skin appear to have itchy papules or urticaria, this symptom occurs in the abdominal pregnancy along the lines, can be extended to the chest or thigh, because the performance of diversification, so called pleomorphic rash of pregnancy. These itchy skin problems to human life, in fact, most will be resolved after production. If the mother is still itching to endure, it is recommended to seek the help of skin specialist, to improve the above discomfort, so that you can be more comfortable to enjoy the sweet pregnancy.相关的主题文章: