Wrap skirt out No, it just gets more modern! remonstrate

Wrap skirt Out? No, it just gets more modern! Wrapped body skirt has been Out? No, we’re not talking about the classic DVF (Wrap Dress), wrap skirt but most popular to wrap design as a selling point of the fashionable Wrap Skirt. Tie or buckle design as a front apron, with large slits, both for walking, can also inadvertently show legs. At the same time, the design of a person with a strong sense of design, the upper body with a simple T-shirt or shirt is very modern, and if the shirt skirt, pants and other single product fold wear, but also to highlight your good taste in fashion. The Danish Fashion blogger Pernille Teisbaek is definitely embraced it, whether summer or spring and autumn love wearing a wrap dress and appearance, with concise and elegant shape to win the praise; Chinese girl (Margaret Zhang) Chapter coagulation to boldly much, will wrap skirt design with wide leg pants mix with the experimental spirit; everyone loves the "Miss bell" Alexa · clock (Alexa Chung); wear dresses as mature, hemp bean Teddy Quinlivan is used short skirt expression trend…… This street the most IN single product that shine in the fashion dress (Wrap Skirt), the beauty of the poster Girls may also wear!相关的主题文章: