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Wuhan depression, the girl ran away from home for three days to find the police track 21 year old girl and the mother of a large network of Chu depression after a dispute left missing, Hubei Province, Wuhan City Public Security Bureau police detachment investigation video video tracking for three days and nights, the transfer of more than and 600 monitoring probes, interception of more than 170 Pieces of video shots. Finally it back. In September 19th, the girl’s family came to the video Investigation Detachment sent a banner and a letter of thanks. In late September 9th 9 pm, Wuhan City Public Security Bureau Jiang’an District Bureau 27 police station with a mother came to the video Investigation Detachment of a brigade, request to assist in the search for her missing daughter Lili (a pseudonym). Ms. Chen told reporters on duty police do not Jun, daughter Lili 21 years old this year, is the only daughter of the family, because of depression, last year, specifically from Jingmen to Han treatment. The morning of September 7th, she took her daughter to the hospital, but was strongly resisted, the daughter of the 9:40, mother and daughter went to Huangpu Street warehouse door, her daughter when she wasn’t looking actually ran alone. At first, Ms. Chen also thought it was a joke, and later found her daughter really disappeared, just hurriedly and family looking for, you can find 2 days failed, had to go to the police station for help 27. The police station was informed that the police investigation, Lili was 7 pm in the construction of road Carrefour supermarket near there, then disappear without a trace. Due to the limited conditions of the police station, the police will be brought to the video surveillance detachment chen. "She is unfamiliar, go broke, I beg you to find her!" Ms. Chen cried. Bie Wenjun comfort Ms. Chen, while the night and 2 colleagues began to tune monitoring. Due to the specific time is not clear Lili appeared in the supermarket, the police had to watch the surrounding one by one of more than and 20 probes, for more than 4 hours only to find a clue, 3 points in the afternoon, Lili wandering alone in a nearby supermarket, then in Macao Road, Hongkong road is a wandering back. Police continue to track found that the second (8) on the morning of more than 6 points in the morning, Lili in the search for a good friend to eat a little bit, went to the Liberation Park Road into the liberation park. In order to find the girl as soon as possible, have been working day and night the police did not fatigue, while more than and 10 of the monitoring probe park four import and export of the investigation, finally again connected to the clues, in September 8th, Lili in the park around aimlessly inside and outside the 3 Ring, along the direction of Jianghan Road Liberation Road stop. 8 on the afternoon of 7, Lili walked to the pedestrian street in Jianghan Road, has been wandering in the subway station, shopping malls, office buildings and other places, and finally disappeared in a restaurant nearby. It was late on the night of September 11th, Ms. Chen even have felt hopeless, but the police did not see the gas barrier, more than and 600 surveillance cameras in total, more than 170 interception video shots, the police judged that Lili may well in Jianghan Road area. The morning of September 12th, police accompanied Ms. Chen and his family came to Jianghan Road pedestrian street, at 11 o’clock in the morning, Ms. Chen in Jianghan Road is still in the wandering near Wuhan to see her daughter, she wept for joy. The afternoon of September 19th, Ms. Chen and the couple traveled from Jingmen to Grandpa grandmother, sent a banner and a letter of thanks to the video team. Chen)相关的主题文章: