Wuhan Mid Autumn Festival holiday 3 million 700 thousand people Lanke tourism income of over 1 billi vidalia

Wuhan Mid Autumn Festival holiday 3 million 700 thousand people Lanke tourism income of over 1 billion yuan a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday this year end, Wuhan tourism report is very brisk, about 3700000 tourists trips, tourism revenue over 1 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that this year for the first time through the Wuhan tourist consultation to select the most fire scenic. According to statistics, during the Mid Autumn Festival in 2016, Wuhan received a total of 3 million 701 thousand and 200 tourists, tourism revenue of about $1 billion 61 million. Mid Autumn Festival and national day this year, a relatively short period of time, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourists prefer to travel in the city, the outskirts of short-term. The city center to launch all kinds of poetry, painting and calligraphy exhibition, photography exhibition, flower show, rap art performances and other activities. The new city launched the blessing, moon, mountain camping bonfire, folk performances, local food and other activities in the United states. Also popular recreation activities of all kinds of theme park add to the mid autumn festival. During the mid autumn festival which scenic the most fire? The Wuhan tourist information center, during the period from September 15th to 17, 3 Municipal Center visitors received a total of more than 5000 people, 12 district center visitors received a total of more than 2 people consulting. The advisory information shows that more and more new city, Mulan, Mulan Tianchi Jinli Street ditch, Dayuwan, consultation, the city of Wuhan science and Technology Museum New Museum, Haichang polar ocean world where such young and old concern, Happy Valley, the Yellow Crane Tower is the favorite of tourists. Provincial Tourism Commission, 2016 Mid Autumn Festival holiday travel three days, the province received a total of tourists of 10 million 631 thousand and 400 passengers, total tourism revenue of $5 billion 27 million. Total tourist and tourism revenue grew by 12% and 13%.相关的主题文章: