Xi Mengyao interview girl get your adorable legs contrast here (video) acbel

Xi Mengyao interview: contrast girl get to your adorable legs do Milan time on September 25th, Salvatore Ferragamo 2017 spring and summer series released in Milan. Supermodel Xi Mengyao as a brand new season advertising model, the first show as spectators. Lift Xi Mengyao, everyone impression of her stay in Victoria’s Secret Angels, long legs, high cold and otherworldly, but did not expect the variety in her so down to earth, let everyone know about fashion with the Tencent, the "big stomach king" Xi Mengyao’s angels. Tencent fashion: what is the feeling of watching the show today, like the single product? Xi Mengyao: just saw a blue jumpsuit behind it is bandage halter is quite nice, I think Tencent are: tell me about your hairstyle today? Xi Mengyao: today’s styling… . special hot, I wore a before when filming the advertisement with a clothes today, it is no special election, but hope to a summer in winter, so I think white is a good choice for your Tencent fashion: how many legs? Such a long leg will cover the quilt will not be short? Which one is the biggest problem with long legs? In addition to the legs, you are most satisfied with the location of where? Xi Mengyao: there should be measured before, but I don’t know exactly how long have long legs are: Tencent have not brought what trouble to you? Will there be trouble? Xi Mengyao: Yes, sometimes you can not wear high heels, because if you go out to play together, you will feel very isolated fashion Tencent: in addition to the legs, you are most satisfied with the body which parts? Xi Mengyao: eyes Tencent fashion: usually chase drama? What plays are watching? Xi Mengyao: what will chase drama, drama, two of world w, I still haven’t finished the chase, Tencent are: two world starring Li Zhongshuo w recently very fire, some netizens think you like Li Zhongshuo, like long lost sister, do you think you two high similarity? Xi Mengyao: Yes, he is my cousin ah ha ha, Tencent fashion: resistant to South Korea Obama legs? Xi Mengyao: I think that is not limited to what type of Tencent fashion: if you find a boyfriend will find that type? Xi Mengyao: I may still prefer the Chinese Tencent fashion: "we are coming" the most interesting memory is what? What is the greatest feeling? Xi Mengyao: I think the most interesting memory, with everyone playing together, really the heart feel happy, that is the most precious memory in the program are: Tencent Joe Chen had been "beaten kidney", users are more concerned about your kidney, okay? Xi Mengyao: very painful, it is still very painful, let her give me a massage Tencent fashion: in the program was recorded many times to eat the lens, I heard a lot of food? Xi Mengyao: Yes, so I’m a little fat Tencent fashion: if you are a boy, you think the program which goddess, the most likely to attract your attention to further development? Why? Xi Mengyao: to be honest, I think everyone who has a very unique advantages, is that everyone has its own glittering, make me feel is not learn not to come over, there are too many things to learn in a fashion: the Tencent相关的主题文章: