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Xiamen next three days will be transferred to the rainy weather, the temperature dropped day by day [day] Yin Lei view as of yesterday, the average temperature in mid November of this year has reached 21.7 C. Yesterday the weather was fine. (trainee reporter Lin Minghong photo) Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter correspondent Wang Yin Lei) yesterday began to warm air force, a large amount of water vapor is transported in from the sea, in the morning to morning, and around the foggy yarn. During the day, the male baking, temperature jump, midday warmth, even a little stuffy. The meteorological department predicted that the next three days, Xiamen will be transferred to the rainy weather, especially the day after tomorrow, the city will be heavy rain, local areas there will be heavy rain, the temperature will also be washed in the rain under the daily lower. There are around the mist meteorological station yesterday, is located in foxtail Hill Station visibility was down to 1500 meters. The mist that weak wind, atmospheric diffusion conditions. Yesterday’s air quality is not ideal, only reached the "good" level. At the highest temperature up to 28.3 DEG C in the morning the night, the minimum temperature of 20 degrees change little. Since the success of Xiamen after the autumn, the temperature has been high. As of yesterday, the average temperature in mid November of this year has reached 21.7 degrees, greatly exceeding the average annual temperature in Xiamen in mid November at 19.2 degrees C. In fact, 21.7 degrees Celsius is the Xiamen meteorological records since mid November average temperature runner up, after last year in mid November hit a record of 22.8 degrees celsius. The next three days, the southwest warm wet flow will be a massive march, bring plenty of water vapor, sent to the continuous rainy weather in Xiamen. Today, the city will appear cloudy to overcast and rainy weather, because the air humidity is big, weak wind, atmospheric dispersion conditions are poor, there will still be mist and haze formation. The highest temperature during the day can be slightly down to 26 degrees C. Tomorrow the rain increased, the city will have heavy rain or heavy rain, local area, the highest temperature during the day will drop to 25 DEG C. The next day, the country is still moderate rain, the temperature will drop to 20 to 24 DEG C. [remind] strong cold air next week may be very cold in the next few days, although the temperature dropped slightly, but because there is no cold air, in general, or warm weather. To the second half of the week next week, we will have the somberness Qiuhan, many members of the public to join the "long johns". Since the second half of the year was the strongest cold air from the north to the south through most of the provinces in the country, to the area to decrease temperature, wind, rain and snow weather. Meteorological department forecast, 20 to 24, the eastern region of China, the average daily temperature will generally decline to about 6 degrees Celsius, while the northern region will have significant snow or rain to snow, the southern region will have heavy rainfall. Is expected before next Wednesday, the cold air will arrive in Xiamen, and the southwest warm air fight hand to hand with Masamori, then our city north wind blowing, the temperature plummeted, the highest temperature during the day may be below 20 DEG C, the morning the night minimum temperature will drop to 15 DEG C. Be sure good warm clothing sweater prepared in advance, to meet the "freeze" test. Xiamen weather class相关的主题文章: