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Xi’an black kindergarten where the Community Education Bureau has ordered rectification: years of western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Jin Long) who lives in a western suburb of Xi’an, Mr. Wang to the "first news" reported in Jinxiu district he lived in a kindergarten, not only without any license, and the school environment is very poor, so the actual situation really to Mr. Wang said that? Our reporter conducted an investigation. November 14th morning, the reporters came to the western suburbs of Xi’an City, century Fairview District, found the beautiful sunshine kindergarten. From the district where tenants learned that this is only two floors of kindergarten, construction area of less than 600 square meters, containing a total of more than and 100 children here to school. Area residents: (kindergarten) too many people, and then the air is not very good, because the child is too much, it is one-way, not up and down ventilation." Community residents said that the kindergarten is used before the school district property office buildings, and later the private contracting Office of the kindergarten, the opening time has been three years. Reporter: this (kindergarten) procedures do not?" Community residents: there is no formalities." Reporter: there is no formalities?" Community residents: you now who can do the procedure down?" Reporter: This is our kindergarten area?" Community residents: "private. "Reporter:" this (kindergarten) is not matching?" Area residents: "this is what the original matching, cover property, finally, the rent down, into the nursery." In the end there is no formalities kindergarten, the reporter went to Xi’an Lianhu District Education bureau. Preschool education department staff said that the kindergarten is indeed a black garden. Xi’an City Department of preschool education of cadres Lianhu District Education Bureau Wang Minzhou: "Splendid Sunshine Kindergarten, it is a garden without the approval, it has been made, a pre license, food business license, health assessment report has not achieved." Reporter: that is to say that it is now, nor to our this (Registration)?" Xi’an Lianhu District Education Bureau preschool education Cadres Wang Minzhou: Yes, there is no formal registration." Reporter: can be said to belong to the people understand the black kindergarten?" Xi’an Lianhu District Education Bureau preschool education cadre Wang Minzhou: "yes, yes." Wang Minzhou said that this is not only a lot of black garden in a number of security risks, but due to incomplete procedures can not be registered in the education sector, to give them a certain degree of difficulty in regulation. Xi’an City Department of preschool education of cadres Lianhu District Education Bureau Wang Minzhou: "it is said there are many hidden dangers, such as diet, safety in this area, the fire in this area, including all the teacher’s qualification problem, we are unable to confirm the check." At the same time, Wang Minzhou said, they have repeatedly went to the beautiful sunshine kindergarten issued order rectification notice, but also to the parents of the students made the book tell parents at the end of 2016 is the deadline for the rectification of the kindergarten. Xi’an Lianhu District Bureau of education, preschool education Cadres Wang Minzhou: requirements of the park by the end of 2016 to complete the rectification, by the end of 2016 if相关的主题文章: