You misunderstand love so you can’t lose it

You misunderstood the love so lost articles source: she lives By Wu Yihan "I have a friend, he bought a lot of things for his ex girlfriend, after breaking up and feel worthless, so want to come back. Even harass each other. At that moment, I was even married to a bad husband…. What are we talking about when we talk about love?" – Carver on the road we have hope, or wait for each other, that will come together; for this beautiful subjective definition of "love and love", even in the offset track at all, do everything possible to establish its own characteristics, rounded corners to walk alone, the synthesis of a seemingly better circle. Interestingly, in the current social development logic, the original self selection decision once the contrary to expectation results, such as the confession was rejected, the pursuit of no avail, suspected of being when the spare tire"… Often in the feelings of the "victim", "loser""… To draw a conclusion of this relationship. Many have been similar to pay behavior, but does not meet the pay given by the "happy", "happy" context. Those who say "seriously you lose", with a high cold mask, or those who say "pay not return", but also make the faint heart pain, when we think is hanging in the name of love crazy "pay" move is really based on love TA? To pay (money or price), pay money, pay is a kind of happiness, we enjoy it. Know how to pay is the most understanding of love, but also the most happy people. Once I is convinced that "to have the harvest" simple and crude "hypnotic soup" is the law of love; the unconscious belief in her style can reach almost unfounded: "I pay so much, so much change for you, so love you, why don’t you come with me together?! In a word, had no dignity for the so-called "love" changed the life principle; then for seemingly great regrettable "pay" behavior of added value on quantitative label; finally, contrary to the belief of others as a result of short-sighted and do not cherish; then, it really made the day of love, in the tips type machine was summarized: "the young always fall in love with a few scumbag" or "pay more and more damage". Like regular like, touches on the heart events, we have questioned whether he is not perfect, questioned each other that TA is not love us, questioned is not emotional send is really not suitable for love in the image, questioned "pay" is not enough… However, we have rarely questioned; "pay = return" love is not selfish, "a high cold" is not ambiguous to deceive others, not always complain to pursue their true or not opinionated "Lust so longitudinal" is not conceited. "The most important thing is to be honest." Sun Zhongshan: "love is a concept, it is the product of objective practice. Our roots)相关的主题文章: