Yunyang a new national tourism landmark under CCTV lens — Chongqing window

Yunyang: a new landmark of the National Tourism CCTV camera under the window of Chongqing, national 4A level scenic spots — Longgang scenic Cloud Bridge National 4A level scenic spots — zhangfei national 4A level scenic spots — Three Gorges panorama city September 19th, CCTV micro film micro film image key projects — "beautiful" series of 300 micro China the film production team for the Yunyang Longgang area "tailored" began filming. In fact, this is not the first time CCTV in Longgang viewfinder. In May 2014, CCTV had "China" in geography in the column, in "the day" the pit "wonders – Longgang crater" as the theme, introduced in detail the causes of Longgang show, Longgang scenic charming natural style and unique cultural heritage. In 2015, CCTV "Xiangyue" and "local" column group were taken into Longgang scenic feature programs. Longgang scenic charming natural landscape and unique cultural heritage, is attracting more and more tourists come here for sightseeing. According to relevant statistics show that in 2015, Yunyang county a total of 5 million 30 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 3 billion 386 million yuan, compared with 2014, the growth rate reached 138.9% and 180.2% respectively, for the GDP direct contribution rate was 5%. Only Longgang scenic tourists reached 1 million 130 thousand passengers in 2014 based on the growth rate has doubled to two times, Chongqing has created a precedent. Strong brand in Longgang area for the entire season of global tourism lever of Yunyang tourism, accumulate steadily. Especially in April 2012 since the opening of the County Longgang area, tourists and tourism related indicators of comprehensive income have achieved substantial growth. As a fulcrum of tourism brand, Longgang area successfully leveraging the global tour of Yunyang this big chess. However, Yunyang has a more ambitious goal. "On the deepening development of the implementation of the views of" the five functions of the regional development strategy after the introduction of Yunyang County once again examine the development process in recent years, a careful analysis of the problems faced in the development of, and in accordance with the development of the concept of the five and take the road of green development requirements, proposed development goals – New – create well-known tourism destination. Around this goal, in accordance with the "Yunyang tourism development ideas of scenic spots, global all season, around the" two line ", the strong implementation of the" catch catch scenic construction, service quality, grab publicity marketing "three major initiatives to achieve the transition from the stage to the stage of the global tourism tourist attractions in the next 5 years to promote the tourism industry in Yunyang. Let Yunyang grow rapidly as a new landmark of Chongqing tourism. The "two line", namely the Jackie Chan cylinder built a national tourist resort, give full play to the leading role of the core city; built three gorges ecological leisure tourism resort, tourism destination play comprehensive service functions, build tourism city brand; to build the County Longgang scenic spots along the line to the most beautiful village Avenue, built one town one product "," Town Tour "the most beautiful landscape Avenue, supporting infrastructure, service Longgang, let along every step there is beauty, there’s the thing, shopping convenience, comfortable accommodation, increase the destination attraction. On the other hand, the integration of resources, strengthen the top)相关的主题文章: