Zhang Jike and Malone rolled a fashionable flower jessica rabbit

Zhang Jike and Malone rolled a fashionable flower? The Sina column boiled a whole watermelon entertainment miss is a man of Chinese girl collective cheer, or Hu Ge and Wallace Huo at the Hokkaido show of affection (however after six months Wallace Huo had married Ruby Lin)…… This time it’s Zhang Jike and Malone. This event is the "GQ intelligence" to do (UM)! Well done! The photo was shot by photographer lee. Zhang Jike and Malone put off sportswear (especially off Zhang Jike blue shoes), just put on a suit and a tie gonggongzhengzheng. Zhang Jike is clearly a deep understanding of the overbearing president, the essence of the eyes are love me, you are afraid of it"…… And Malone hands holding two table tennis, a profound interpretation of the "everything in my grasp" calm (well, only the first one is calm…… Other or silly son. A cynical dandy, Tony Leung will fly to London feed dove, Zhang Jike will fly to Paris dog…… A pragmatic hard-working entrepreneurs, the foot also did not forget the ladder when the start empty-handed…… The two brothers have force performance so vivid, the fashion circle of course with open arms to greet them, it is the magazine for a popular small fresh meat. Especially Zhang Jike, a serious threat to the half flower bowl! Malone first, let’s look at Malone. The dragon team has been tall and mighty, the dominance of the Olympic champion in my heart…… Sorry, the above picture is wrong, it should be like this…… But once pulled in front of the photographer, even his chest can not protect, let others clawed their clothes. (we have reason to suspect to be naked, in his struggle, or wearing a dress…… Change to sports department) bakai. It’s better to have a lovely warm smile. Take off clothes than clawed off her sister, I still feel "ELLE" compared to his other charming man. Wearing a sweater a generous, although not exposed, but is to make people want to get close, so Malone has a kind of bones gentleman fan children. What is a simple table tennis young ah…… Of course, in my heart, he was the most handsome, or gently spread his hands, with BGM, "is how lonely ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ how invincible! Lonely!" Zhang Jike, however, is still too good for Malone than for Zhang Jike. After all, Koko early on the fashion circles love small eyes blurred Kenshin. Although he is usually not so fashionable, a pair of blue shoes to walk the world, but the people seriously, a lot of beautiful men are to be laid off. Madame FigaroHommes on the cover face, absolutely fascinated thousands of girls. He’s got the sister old driver, know everyone says he is sleeping, he will be wearing a soft sweater and rubbed my eyes, a lazy way just to get up. Then drink a cup of water, put on a suit and tie pocket…… Every detail to the close-up! Even the scissors hand fresh)相关的主题文章: