Zhangzhou was a disaster looting stolen motorcycle red card was captured zghd

Zhangzhou was a disaster "looting" stolen motorcycle red card was captured southeast network (micro-blog) Zhangzhou news (reporter correspondent Chen Zhiyuan Wang Wenqiang) affected by super typhoon "Meranti", Changtai County mayangxi ecological tourism area severely affected, Changtai police to ensure the safety of life and property of the villagers, after the disaster prevention and control efforts to increase patrols, 24 hours of uninterrupted patrol, September 17th, a "looting" suspected of stealing a motorcycle suspects were arrested. September 17th at 3 pm, mayangxi police district public security patrol in the ten District Tourism Village West International Road card, of two motorcycles to stop for inspection, but the motorcycle driver rushed forward but turn a deaf ear to increase horsepower, patrol detect abnormal situation, immediately after, in the hunt to Tiancheng scenic road, suspects to abandon the car and two days into the Phoenix Valley in the direction of the patrol, followed, finally in the natural mountain area from Guizhou arrested a suspect surnamed Liao, another suspect is still chasing in search. After the interrogation, the suspect Liao Mougang crime on their own "looting" motorcycle theft confessed, the case is now under trial. (southeast network (micro-blog))相关的主题文章: