Zhengzhou central heating network yesterday began to warm up and get up and so on and so on ca4111

Yesterday, the Zhengzhou heating pipe network began to rise up and have to wait and warm yesterday Zhengzhou central heating pipe network began to heat up looking forward, looking forward, away from the heated day is getting closer, the morning of November 8th, 10 points, two heat source factory Zhengzhou heating: Zheng Dong new thermal power plant and power plant first taixiang start heating heat pump, several other heat sources also gradually start. However, it is a reminder, long pipe, also from the heat source factory far to home warm, have to wait for the slowly Wu hot, after all, from the formal heating and nearly a week. Newspaper reporter Zhang Huawentu Zheng Rong security media field heating heating pipe slowly "Wu" in November 8th 10 in the morning, the dispatch center Zhengzhou Thermal Corporation on the big screen, Zheng Dong new thermal power plant factory temperature and taixiang thermal power plant of two heat plant at the beginning of the show, marking the official start of the heating pipe heating work, the dispatch center several the phone is busy working as one falls, another rises, as several other heat source plant under warm heating tube instructions. "Now are more than 20 degrees centigrade, Zheng Dong New District thermal power plant more than 30 degrees, the basic touch with cold water almost." Zheng Dong, deputy director of the dispatch center, can be described as the old housekeeper scheduling center, to remind the new thermal power plant heating up not too fast in the District of Song Jie. More than 11 in the morning, the factory temperature than the beginning of a few degrees Celsius, in accordance with the instructions, the hourly temperature of not more than 5 degrees celsius. Why not more than 5? Song Jie said, but this has the norms of operation, a few years ago the heating pipe heats up too fast, resulting in a long time in a state of cold water pipeline withstand pressure, leaking or even burst pipes, affect the normal heating, in recent years, is slowly warming, let the change slowly adapt to the temperature of the pipeline, to achieve safety heating. Analysis of home radiator today should not feel cold weather, the strong desire for heating, warm up, is not the home hot soon? "This really can not guarantee that there is a temperature at home, after all, warming requires a process." Song Jie explained that the heat source of central heating some from Xingyang, some from Xinmi, the pipeline is very long, also is cold, cold water from the beginning to the warm water to a high temperature, is a very slow process, to home radiator temperature, two times the return water temperature of at least 40 DEG C, the temperature may have two days before from the heat source plant in the residents of the home heating, most should have feeling. Safe and warm tube is a process exposed the problem from the beginning of November 1st, Zhengzhou Thermal Power Corporation started cold operation, to find the problems of the heating process; November 8th ahead of warming is the test and adjustment of the heating system, heating, to ensure that the official indoor temperature to normal. In this process, the problems and defects of the heating facilities are further exposed, and the elimination of defects is carried out in a timely manner, and the problem is solved before heating, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the heating system after the formal heating. In particular, the leakage of some old pipe network, a more thorough treatment, providing a safe and effective guarantee for the formal heating. Collected from 2014~2015.相关的主题文章: