Zibo new daughter-in-law was leading his mistress colleagues kindly anti trouble matchmaking boee

Zibo: new daughter-in-law was leading his mistress colleagues kindly anti trouble matchmaking evening news (reporter Zhang Li correspondent Lv Huichuan Gao Wenzhen) home county reed Lake Street Zhang did not think that his new wife is actually just engaged others mistress, angry Zhang new wife out of the house, and their grievances all over the body of a matchmaker dong. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Gaoqing police, after police persuasion, Zhang voluntarily admitted his mistake, and Dongmou and. The 24 year old Zhang is a factory worker, usually honest and kind, great popularity. As to the age of marriage, honest Zhang has not found the object, some well intentioned people Zhang side began to get together to Zhang 1. Not long ago, the unit to a new employee Liu, very pretty, usually with good relations between Zhang Dong will take the initiative to get together to fix this marriage zhang. The results of the two hit it off, and soon fell in love. Zhang’s parents are very satisfied with this beautiful daughter-in-law, when engaged directly to the 50 thousand gifts, Dongmou as a matchmaker, also got a big red. See Zhang and Liu will lead a happy life, but things suddenly changed. One day, a friend told Zhang Zhang, the leadership of the driver said in the drink, the new wife Zhang Liu was led by his mistress, and leader Liu to the unit to work, the intention is to find someone to help the disk access. The news of Zhang as a bolt from the blue. In order to verify the authenticity of the information, through a variety of relationships about Zhang Liu’s past experience, and soon found Liu. Zhang completely unable to accept the fact that the day will Liu out of the house, and hurried to the matchmaker Dongmou home in a threatening manner towards Dongmou launched temper, Zhang said more and more gas, hand to Dongmou a slap in the face. Dongmou good to do a bad thing, the original is very guilty, but after a slap in the face, Dongmou also came up with the gas, the two arrested each other pull up. Dongmou wife immediately rushed to the police, the police rushed to the scene, two people’s clothes have been pulling out of shape. Persuaded by the police, Zhang voluntarily admitted his mistake, and Dongmou Dongmou again, also feel shy to return Zhang red, and that for too much people do not know the root, he will never dare not a match.相关的主题文章: